Write a Letter to Sofia the First #DearSofia

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There are many reasons why both my girls and I love Disney Junior. Before I had kids, I was that crazy lady that said, "My babies will not watch any television!" and then a few months later, there we were all huddled together watching the entire Disney Junior lineup. I love all of the things my daughters have learned from these shows, and even now that they are getting older, they are continuing to learn valuable life lessons. Recently, we hosted a

Sofia the First

 #DearSofia letter writing party and had so much fun hanging out with friends, eating snacks and being creative together. 

Letter writing is such a lost art form. It started with my generation and has become even worse with the next. I remember learning the proper way to compose a letter in school and taking that information with me throughout my life, even now when composing emails. Nowadays, kids are only learning shorthand versions of writing, because they start out learning to keep their messages brief when sending messages through text. That is such a sad consequence for this generation. A few weeks ago my oldest daughter came to me very excited and told me that

Sofia the First

said if she writes and sends a letter to her, then Sofia will write one back. How cool is that? That is such a cool way to get kids writing and being creative.  

A letter writing party is an easy way to get your kids to do something fun and creative. All you have to supply is paper, pencils, envelopes and stamps. Of course, you can always get more creative with markers, colored papers, stickers, and fun stamps. We had paper crowns and tiaras for the kids to wear, but you can always have the kids make their own. (Search: "how to make paper crowns" for easy instructions.)

The food for any party is always my favorite part. Because Sofia the First is most known for her purple dress, I had to make everything purple! I started with purple frosting for the cupcakes and added white pearl sixlets for decoration. 

Candy dipped pretzels are always an easy favorite, so I did some purple and white striped pretzels and bought grape juice bottles and grape jelly sandwiches for the kids to enjoy. The chips were hiding in the back of the table, but up front you can also see our silver and purple gum balls and a ham and cheese cracker plate. 

Once you get kids going on writing a letter, the creativity just flows. Mostly, the kids asked Sofia questions about her life and living in Enchancia and then made sure to tell her something interesting about their life.  They also had a lot of fun decorating the outside of their envelope. 

The best part of writing to Sofia is knowing that Sofia will write back. We made sure to tell them that she will probably be getting many letters, so she'll write back when she gets the chance. You can write a letter to Sofia too, go to


to download your own stationary and then send to this address: 

Dear Sofia

244 Madison Ave

Box #411

New York, NY 10016

Sofia the First is a good show for our growing little ones, she shares and teaches about qualities like friendship, bravery, courage, curiosity, creativity, and adventure. Be sure to tune into Disney Junior to follow Sofia the First’s latest royal adventures, including

Sofia the First: The Secret Library

, featuring a special appearance by Merida from Brave. This episode premieres Monday October 12 at 9am/8c on Disney Junior on Disney Channel.

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