NHMLA-- Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibit


The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles is one of our favorite places to visit throughout the year. If you grew up in LA then you most likely visited either on your own or on a school field trip. One of the reasons why I love NHMLA so much is the constant exchanging of exhibits. You can always count on seeing some of the classics and witnessing something new. We recently attended a media preview for the newest exhibit, Wildlife Photographer of the Year. 


This exhibit is incredible! Both me and my girls enjoyed all aspects to the exhibit, which is on loan from the Natural History Museum in London. The exhibition celebrates the 99 award winning photographs from the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition that illustrate the beauty and drama of the natural world, with photographs ranging anywhere from a hedgehog, to wild boar crossing the street, to a Momma and baby bear in Alaska to a young girl living in the rain forest with her pet Tamarin.


My favorite part of the exhibit was the information below the award winning photographs. The description of the photograph, including the type of camera used, the location of where the photo was taken, where the photographers are from and a bit of information on the wildlife itself. The exhibit is eye-catching and educational all at the same time. 


This year the competition received almost 50,000 entries from amateur to professional across 92 countries.  Here in LA, your child can enter the LA Student Nature Photo contest. Like every competition there will be a handful of winners and all entries will be displayed via projector in the gallery as well. How cool would it be for your kid to see their photo displayed at the NHMLA!?  Check out where to enter here: https://nhm.org/site/explore-exhibits/special-exhibits/student-contest.

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibit runs from August 19th through January 6. Check it out before it's gone.