Where A Kid Can Be A Kid!

Recently we were invited to Chuck-E-Cheese to try their new pizza recipe and since I always have my kids in mind (and I'm the best mom in the world), I gladly accepted. Also, because I'm always up for trying some pizza, how could I say no? 

To be perfectly honest, my girls ask if we can go to Chuck-E-Cheese at least once a month. We don't go nearly that often because I'm terrified of crowds. Okay, not so much terrified as I just hate crowds. But then I realized that the perfect day to visit is when they have a day off from school! The day we went, we went during lunch time and we were one of the few families there. It was great. Actually, I was able to get some work done while the kids ran off to play. 

I had to call them back when it was time to eat and once they saw the thin crust pizza make it's way to our table, they came running. Chuck-E-Cheese has a new thin & crispy pepperoni pizza that beat Pizza Hut’s thin & crispy pepperoni pizza in a nationwide taste test! That's pretty impressive. I also heard that they have an alfredo sauce with sausage pizza that is super tasty. We will have to try that on our next visit. 

This is our pizza coming right out of the oven. Oh man, I love pizza! 

I also really love when places have salad bars. I know I can eat all the pizza all day long but I have to balance it somehow. I love when I can personalize my own salad and have something refreshing on the side of my pizza. I remember LOVING the cakes from Chuck-E-Cheese when I was a kid. I don't know why, they were just so delicious to me and I remember them always being cold. I didn't get to try the cakes on this day, so I don't know if they've changed the recipe since the 90's. 

The kids had a blast at Chuck-E-Cheese and I must admit I was really impressed with the quality of games they had available. I loved coming home with all the photo souvenirs from the rides that take and print photos. At this location in Pasadena, CA they had bumper cars too! 

Oh and when Chuck-E came out to say hi, the girls were able to dance with him and then he threw up tickets for the kids to catch.  If you haven't visited recently, it's time to go back and check it out. The food is getting better and better and it's a good way to spend some time and have the kids work off some energy. You can find more information on their


and follow them on


 for more updates. In fact, I heard that during the month of October, if you're child is in costume, you get 50 free tickets!