What's on your 2015 Summer Bucket List?

What are your Summer plans? Some people go out of town, some people send the kiddos to camp and some of you may be like me and plan tons of fun stuff to do all in a Hot 2 month period. My girls are still kinda little so there isn't any BIG plans for us (no skydiving or swimming with sharks). But it does seem like they are finally old enough to plan some stuff out and not worry about bed times as much. Here is my Summer Bucket List: 

See nothing too crazy going on this Summer for us, but definitely a lot of fun! Most of the activities will be their first time, like Bowling, Swimming Lessons, Picking BerriesVisiting the Tadpools, Camping and Drive-in Movies. Others are just some of our favorite places to go and things to do like visiting the Zoo and Aquarium.

What are you up to this Summer? Any plans?