We Love Num Noms


There are very few things that are better than a Mommy/Daughter date. When we were invited to Au Fudge a few weeks back to check out the new Num Noms, I knew that both me and my girls would have a blast. I knew they would love to check out the latest Num Noms and I know that I love the food and atmosphere at Au Fudge. 


I have to admit, I did not know what Num Noms were and had to google it, but once I did, I knew exactly. My girls have been collecting these little things for a while and they smell so good!  One of the highlights of this day for me was meeting actress Tiffani Amber Thiessen. My sister-in-law always said that she was the celebrity I looked most like, there's no real truth to it, but it was still really cool to meet her and her lovely daughter. 


My daughter sat down to have her nails done by a manicurist using the new Num Noms Nail Polish Maker.  My daughter loved being able to create her very own nail polish color. 


So many goodies, sweets and fun treats were ready for me and my girls. 


If you live around Los Angeles, you have to try California Donuts they make the cutest, funnest, tastiest donuts. How cute are those Num Nom donuts?


One of my favorite take-aways from the event were these lunchboxes that they decorated with scratch n sniff stickers. I love scratch n sniff stickers, that must be the 80's kid in me coming out. 


Those eyes are smiling so big! This little one of mine loves everything little and cute and sparkly and smells good. This little girl has a puppy nose, so scents are a big deal to her. 


This is a close up of the Num Noms Nail Polish Maker. Super adorable right?


What kind of Num Noms will you find? Num Noms scented and flavored lip gloss, light up rings, Freezie Pop Maker, Erasers, clothes, stuffed friends and pillows.