Universal Studios Hollywood 50th Anniversary- Nighttime Studio Tour!

You already know that Universal Studios Hollywood is one of my favorite places to take my family to in Southern California. There is so much to do and see and although the rides are intense, they aren't roller coasters, which means my little ones get to enjoy the attractions without being scared of getting on big rides. Read more about Sprinfield- Home of the SimpsonsThe Minion Ride and Fast & Furious- Supercharged.

Flashback to 20 years ago, I kicked major butt at school fundraisers and the big prize was a fieldtrip to Universal Studios. Back in the 90's my favorite ride was E.T. and I remember being so scared on the Studio Tour. King Kong, Earthquake, and JAWS were really scary when I was a kid. So, naturally, I couldn't wait to share that experience with my kids.

As an adult, the studio tour now celebrating it's 50th anniversary, was a lot cooler than I remember. It's really fun to see all of the behind the scenes info and movie sets. And I felt nostalgic when seeing the Bates Motel and JAWS. I could not wait to see my kids faces when JAWS comes up out of the water. see my Instagram video here, classic.

New at Universal Studios this year is the Nighttime Studio Tour. The English only tour transitions from the daytime tour at 6:30 PM and runs nightly through August 17, then weekend evenings through September 13. Visit UniversalStudiosHollywood.com for more information.

Here is a short video that I took from the award-winning King Kong 360 3-D created by Peter Jackson – the world’s largest 3-D experience. If you listen closely, you can hear my daughter scream and then my evil laugh. The nighttime tour offers a different experience than the daytime tour as you get to watch Marilyn Monroe as she films her iconic scene on our Metropolitan set. Escape Frankenstein’s Monster as he roams the haunting streets of Little Europe and witness the horror of the Bates Motel in a frightening encounter with Norman Bates and his notorious mother.

So tell me when was the last time you visited Universal Studios Hollywood? Before last year, I hadn't visited in 20 years!