Together we grow #WeAllGrowFAMILIA


I can't believe it's been almost a whole year since the first #WeAllGrowFAMILIA.  The We All Grow Summits have been some of my favorite times of year over the last few years and when I received an invitation to last years #WeAllGrowFamilia at the Munchkin Inc. headquarters, I could not wait to see what this amazing day was going to bring to us. I love the feeling of being surrounded by like-minded, strong, ambitious, powerful women that are ready to share their inspiration and be inspired-- and this day was all of that, plus familia.


Any mother who says that being a mom is easy, peasy is lying. LYING! Haha.. I didn't say that being a mother isn't a wonderful experience, I'm just saying it's not easy. It's never been easy, but it's so much harder now with all of the perfection that is thrown in our faces the minute we find a few spare minutes of down time and start scrolling. As forced and posed everything is on Instagram and Facebook and Pinterest, it's not meant to make us feel inadequate, yet it does. I'm completely guilty of this myself, which is silly because I know the truth. I am one of the creators of the pretty, perfect looking content on Pinterest and of course, the only photos that make it to my Instagram are my favorites and usually only one out of 382 that I took at that moment. 

I've wandered away from my point....

Oh! Okay, I'm back. Being at #WeAllGrowFAMILIA is not the sort of atmosphere that makes you feel inadequate. It is the kind of atmosphere that completely inspires you. Inspired to take a chance and make more videos, inspired to write the book you've always wanted to, inspired to try something new and uncomfortable, because now you know, you have women that you can reach out to when you need support or guidance. That's what #WeAllGrowFAMILIA is all about.


Of course, the sponsors and the location are just icing on the cake. We had a delicious breakfast provided by Honey Bunches of Oats to help start our day. (Fact: This is my favorite cereal.)


So when my girls were little babies, Munchkin products were my FAVORITE! I loved how colorful and playful and reliable everything was. They had all of our favorite sippy cups and I remember thinking how ingenious their spill proof snack cups were. I loved mixing and matching all of the bright colors. They were like a miracle to this mama of two babies. Munchkin Inc. will once again host #WeAllGrowFAMILIA and if this is your first time at their headquarters, you are in for such a treat. It's probably one of the coolest places I've ever been. You'll see why when you get there. 


The panelists and discussions that are selected for you, will speak straight to your heart. I'm telling you, if you keep your ears open you will hear what you didn't even know you needed. Each and every woman on this stage has a message, a voice, and a thought that they are ready to share with you. 


A delicious lunch is always a welcome treat. Especially when you get to sit with friends that you only get to see once maybe twice a year. I love networking, catching up and sometimes even meeting up for the first time with friends that you only know from this crazy online world that we live in.


I took so much away from last years #WeAllGrowFAMILIA. Listening to all of the mentors and roundtables, I left with my heart full and my mind spinning.  Spinning in a good way of course, the kind of spinning that excites you and leaves you feeling like you can do anything. 

I loved meeting with family friendly brands that wanted to meet me as well.  More so, I loved how valued my opinion felt while meeting with brands like Munchkin, Mattel,  Honey Bunches of Oats, Yummy Spoonfuls, TIDE, Hampton by Hilton and Disney. These are all brands we know and love and use on a daily basis. Big, huge thank you to #WeAllGrow and #WeAllGrowFAMILIA for inviting me to such a wonderful day. 

I have to tell you, #WeAllGrowFAMILIA is an invite only one day event. Go ahead and click the button below for more information on how to request an invitation and you can thank me later.