The BoxTrolls Costume and Lamp {Tutorial} #TheBoxTrollsCC

We've just been obsessing over here about the upcoming release of the new film

The BoxTrolls.

 The movie opens everywhere on September 26 and we will be seeing it for the first time in its entirety tomorrow! Knowing my girls, I just knew I would have to make them their very own BoxTroll costume. Keep reading for my easy how-to instructions.

There really isn't much to a BoxTroll costume. You can definitely make it with items you can find at your house, which is my favorite part of any project. This is what I used:

-Large Cardboard Box

-Scissors or Razor blade

-Box tape


I didn't end up using the hot glue gun, but it can definitely be used for reinforcement. 

Drawing and cutting was all I had to do. I drew a circle for the head and circles for the arms and then cut away! Once I cut, I taped the sides of the box to reinforce the structure. All that was left to do after that was decorate. I decided to personalize their BoxTroll costume with their favorite food and drink. My oldest loves pizza and my youngest loves her milk.

And here they are silly faces and all! Meet my BoxTrolls, Pizza and Milk! Don't forget to check out this 

Cardboard Challenge

 when you're done. 

If you are a DIY'er and love fun projects, I'm sharing one more with you. 

You have got to see this cool BoxTroll inspired project. The video made by Liz from Crafting Geek is amazing! I had no idea how simple building a lamp could be, but now I am dying to make one. Seriously, next time I'm at The Home Depot, I am going to pick up all the pieces and try it. 

Check it out!