Taking Care of the Car That Takes Us on our Adventures #CambioConfiable

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You know those ice breaker questions that you have to answer when you are introducing yourself to a big group? All of a sudden you have to come up with

something interesting about yourself

. Well, here you go, something interesting about me: Up until a year ago, I didn't drive a car for two years. A few years back I was a stay at home mom and just started blogging and went through a phase where my anxiety controlled my life and I just couldn't drive. It took me two years to finally get a handle on my anxiety and have felt like such a free bird since then. 

Most adults would find it impossible to not drive for years at a time, but my life was pretty simple at the time. I was a stay at home mom, my girls went to school 1/2 a mile from our home and I would run errands with my mom or wait for my husband to get home. The weekends were spent together as a family going places together, it was comforting for me to not


 to drive.

That all changed as my girls got older, they were not babies anymore, and they did not need me to care for them the same. I now had to discover who I was as an adult and as a woman. Now, I would find it very hard to give up the freedom I feel when I get to grocery shop during the day and stop at Starbucks whenever I want. Another favorite is driving through Downtown LA at night, my city is so pretty at night.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you get to see where our carrito takes us. Some of our favorite places are the LA Zoo, Knott's Berry Farm, the park, and of course the beach. Without our car, we wouldn't be able to experience priceless moments like this one. 

Also, my on the road Snapchat selfie game has never been better. 

None of this would be possible without a reliable mode of transportation. Our little white Sable is our family car. Our


takes my husband to work, my girls to and from school, and is my partner when it's time for me to escape my house. My husband and I love to play our music really loud, we are the family that you see singing really loud in the car next to you. 

One of the errands I was oddly excited about doing was taking our carrito in for a much needed oil change. I was told that the

Walmart Auto Care Center

had great prices and friendly service, so I had to check it out. 

Overall, I had a great experience. From the time I pulled up I had a really friendly mechanic take down all of my information. I asked for

Quaker State

Advanced Durability Motor Oil

and he let me know that it would probably be about an hour and half because I was third in line. I was perfectly fine with that, I spent an hour and half walking around Walmart picking up both necessary and unnecessary items. When I went to check on my car, the very same friendly man told me it was still going to be about an hour. On most days, especially if I had the kids with me, I would not be happy about the long wait. But, like I mentioned before I welcome the freedom to spend time alone. I sat in the Auto Care Center lobby and made my to-do list, ate a snack, and watched a soap opera that was on the TV.

When my car was done I was really pleased with the service. My car felt great, in fact, it felt grateful. Have you ever noticed how happy your car drives when you fill the gas tank, get an oil change and wash the car? I was so happy to get into my carrito and notice my car vacuumed and windshield washed too. It's such a great feeling, especially when it doesn't break your wallet. 

The next time your car is in need of an oil change or tires, check out the Walmart Auto Care Center. The prices are great, especially on the Quaker State Advanced Durability motor oil.

Have you ever used the Walmart Auto Care Center?