Easy DIY Mother's Day Gift

Disclosure: I received samples of ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape to complete this project. I was not compensated for this post and all opinions and thoughts are my own. With that being said, read on! 

I love to DIY, I would classify myself as a DIY'er and honestly, I think handmade gifts are the best. I love the imperfections, it gives the gift so much more meaning and heart. Today I am sharing with you a very easy DIY idea that can be used for any day. But since Mother's Day is just around the corner, I thought this would be great for your kids to make for all the Mother's in their life.

It is pretty easy and can be made with materials you probably already have on hand. The one tip I would give is to use Scotch Blue Painter's Tape, it just helps to prevent bleeding and makes the crafters life easier. 

Go look around your house, do you have a pot laying around your garden? I bet you do. Grab it!  Gather up your paint, scissors and Scotch Blue Painter's Tape. Now you're ready! 

I cut my tape into thinner strips and just went for a little design that would be easy for my daughter to follow and paint. You could do so many different styles with the tape, chevron, stripes, or even go for a curve, it just takes a little more patience.

See how easy, simple and fun? The kids are always up for painting. This project takes very little prep, so it can be last minute or done in advance and make a ton of them! Bonus: The proud look on the kids faces when they take off the strips of tape to reveal the design they helped create.

For this little project I used the Scotch Blue Painter's Tape to create a message on a coffee mug. Another fun and easy project for the kiddos to do for a gift.

*Tip: don't forget to seal the paint with a sealant, just pick one up from your local craft store. 

Thanks for reading my easy peasy tutorial for a quick DIY gift idea for the kiddos to make. 

DIY Pine Cone Bird Feeder {Toddler Activity}

My daughter Lacey is forever on a nature hike, while we were doing our 3 mile March for Babies walk, she managed to find giant pine cones for everyone to take home, luckily we had a backpack to carry them. Anyway, I knew we had to put them to use, so we turned them into bird feeders! I don't know where I've seen this before, but it was really easy, and fun for the girls! I recommend this activity for kids of all ages. 

Supplies needed are: Pine cones, bird seed (from the dollar store),peanut butter, string and a tray to catch all the seeds. 
(And a broom to sweep up all the seed that falls on the floor) 

First, we tied our string or twine to the pine cone. 

Next, I scooped peanut butter onto a plate and let the girls spread it with a plastic butter knife all over the pine cone. (I had to keep telling the girls not to lick their fingers!)

Next, I poured the seed over the pine cones and let the extra gather on the cookie sheet. 

Here are the girls covering the pine cones in seed. 
This was the girls favorite part, getting their hands dirty. 

They did a very thorough job! 

Finished pine cone. We hung this one under a tree. 

And this one we hung under an arch in the middle of the yard. Next, we waited...

 3 days later, we were sitting in the kitchen and Lacey spotted this bird through the window! We were all so excited, I admit, I may have been a bit more excited than the girls.

Here is my daughter bird watching! Hahaha, I love catching moments like this! She takes these types of things very serious. 

And while we were bird watching, we saw this! Another bird on the other pine cone. 
This was a really fun activity that took 10 minutes to create, and lasted a week while we kept an eye on all the birds. Have you ever done this activity? What are some other outdoor activities to do with young children? Please share, I'm always looking for new ideas and adventures for me and my little ones! Thanks for reading!