My Word(s) of the Year for 2014!

Don't you just love the New Year? My husband, the pessimist, says New Year's Resolutions are just temporary, and although he is mostly right, I hope that I can stick to mine. I love the promise of a New Year and New Possibilities, and everyone is just filled with hope and determination. So, I picked two words to help me stay focused this year. I tried, but I can't just pick one word for the year 2014. I have to pick two! Let me explain why.

I have a lot of goals this year. A lot! From building my blog/brand, crafting more often, creating more party supplies, and most importantly, my main goal for the year has to do with my weight loss. Every year I fail at a diet and then at the end of the year HATE myself for not sticking to it. This year I hope that blogging publicly about my weight loss will help me to stay focused. I also have a lot of high hopes to grow my blog while having fun and creating great memories with my family. 

2013 was probably one of the most difficult years for me, personally. There was a lot of issues that I had to deal with in my relationship, a lot of changes with my kids, and I struggled with dealing with major anxiety for most of the year. While I was trying to make positive advances in my life, the entire time, I was dealing with stress and anxiety that just threw me through a loop and shut me down for good chunks of time. I hope that by getting healthy and trying to find a balance, breathing will help me to deal with life as it comes at me. I have a lot of hopes for this year, I just need to remember to breathe!

What is your word for this Brand New Year?