Spring is here!

With the first day of Spring being this week, I thought I would write a post about our lovely little garden we have. A bonus of living with my parents, and my children living with their grandparents, is that I don't have to do the gardening anymore! Yay! I know some people enjoy gardening and all of that, but not me. I think that I don't enjoy gardening because there is not any real instant gratification, like if I plant a seed, the plant doesn't grow before my eyes. That would be cool! I don't have a problem getting dirty, in fact I like helping my girls find worms and snails, but gardening is just not for me. So, I leave it to my parents and daughters. 

My husband and I found those little shovels at our local handy dandy dollar store! Great find!

This is Lexie's first year getting in the dirt and helping to plant flowers, and she actually had more fun finding worms and snails. 

My dad, the girls' Papa loves having his little helpers. 

We are not certain the type of plant this is, but this middle part just started growing one day and has just kept growing, we call it the monster plant. I refuse to cut it though, I think it adds character. 
This is our newest addition, a peach tree. I don't really care if it grows fruit, I mean that would be cool, but I really just think it's pretty!
The girls planting flowers with their Nana and Papa

And... here is Lexie getting bored and leaving... 

to find worms. :) 

A Bougainvillea (totally had to google that) to grow around the arch.

I love birds of paradise, they attract hummingbirds, and ever since I was a kid I thought they looked like super exotic birds. I remember playing with the sap on them, and now I have no idea why. 

This is the one rose that had bloomed from the 7 or 8 rose plants we have. I HATE these plants, they have super sharp prickly thorns and they just seem like a hazard for our garden! Lol! Whatever, my mom likes them. 

Lacey is like this magical little garden fairy! When I was growing up in this house, every Spring my dad would have me out here helping to plant these little flowers in this exact same spot. And two months later, it never failed, the flowers would die. 2 years ago, Lacey helped my dad plant flowers here and they lived all this time, my dad actually just pulled them out to plant new ones with different colors. I am just glad I don't have to get in there anymore, my daughter must have the green thumb, and she didn't get it from me!

Thanks for checking in to my little life.