Meet Emma!

I am so excited to be able to "introduce" my beautiful niece this way! My sister-in-law Tricia is an amazing photographer, and is responsible for all of the beautiful pictures that I share on my blog. With the birth of her daughter, my niece, I was fortunate enough to be able to design and print her birth announcement. Not only did Tricia take the beautiful pictures of Emma, but she took amazing pictures of the announcement as well. Thanks Trish! 
Because of the amount of the beautiful pictures, we did not want to pick and choose too much, so we went with a tri-fold and used a total of 21 pictures. 

Here's Emma!
The Front 
Open Inside

Folded Back


So so pretty right?! I love my niece, I love the pictures, I love the way the announcement came out, and I love having a hand in something that will forever be a part of Emma's life.