7 very long years...

It has been 7 looooooooooong years since my husband and I were married. When I say long, I mean long! We dated for 5 years before that and I like to call those the "fun years." Nothing about our relationship has been easy. We met when I was 17 years old, randomly in a chat room, when I was bored one night while on winter break from my Senior year. Completely random! After an impassioned first year full of a meddling family members and a lot of fighting, we made it to the fun careless years, and before we knew it, those years were over and done with in a big fat blur!
I dug though some old scrapbook and found some pretty happy pictures of us during the "fun years."
I have heard that the 7th year is the hardest in a marriage, and so far, the 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th were pretty bad, so let's hope the 7th is better! Haha! I'm only kidding.. sort of. Honestly, I can write a book about all the hard times we went through, but I don't like to dwell. I like to move forward and count my blessings. He's my husband and I love him. Mark, here's to 7 more! (wink, wink)