Weigh-In Wednesday {Week 3}

I'm hungry. 
Well, I guess it's not so much that I'm hungry, because technically, the protein shakes do keep me "full." But, I just want food! Haha!

I cook meals all day long for my kids, my parents, and my husband. For example, this morning, I made my parents breakfast, my daughters lunch and a snack and will be making all of us dinner in a little while. It's hard saying no to food all day long. 

Today, at my daughters preschool it was a classmate's birthday so we got a piece of cake. I had to carry that piece of cake for a half mile down hill, because my daughter wanted to share with her sister. Yes, that's so sweet of her, but ugh, I had to carry, and not even taste a very delicious smelling piece of cake! And then to top it off, we get to my other daughter's school and guess who has to carry a box filled with The World's Finest Chocolate!

I walked 3 miles this week already. I walk with a dawdling 5 year old and a short 3 year old, so we don't walk very fast. Every time they see a dandelion or stick or need a drink of water, we stop. But our little neighborhood is hilly, so there is that. Either way, I am being active and walking. Yay me! 

So, the best part of this whole situation is that my husband has joined me on this journey. Actually, he is much better at it than me. For last nights dinner I made us each a chicken breast and a side of broccoli. I gobbled all of mine up and even ate my daughters leftover bites of broccoli. But not my husband, he left a quarter of his dinner to have for lunch tomorrow. Psht! Whatever. So, us dieting together has created more work for me, but is so much better for the both of us. Every night after I make dinner for our family of 6, eat dinner, force my kids to eat their dinner and clean up after dinner. Then my husband comes home, I boil a couple hard boiled eggs for our nighttime snack and make a few chicken tenders for our lunch the next day. 

Bottom line: I'm glad my husband's supporting me by joining me. (Even though he'll probably lose more weight faster than me. Stupid men!) :)

Weigh in Wednesday: Week 1

Hey! So, I wish I had more to report but honestly this week has been pretty easy. I can say that I have been drinking tons of water, easily 10 glasses, so that's good. The shakes are easy, dinner has been okay, smaller portions, cut out most of the carbs and really that's it. I have not been walking this week for two reasons. One, my daughters are still on vacation, so we haven't gotten back on our schedule yet. And two, it is my daughter's birthweek! Lol! Her birthday is tomorrow, and as you can tell from some of my past party hosts, my parties are kinda intense. I make every decoration, every piece of food, every bit of everything. So, I have been just insanely busy all day, all week. So, that is why I haven't been walking and also, probably why my diet has been so easy. I haven't really had the time to think about it. 

Next week will be different though, next week I will be going crazy trying to get the kids back into their preschool schedule. But, at least I will be up and moving! I'm looking forward to the normalcy that has been missing since right before Christmas. 

Well, thanks for checking in on me. How is your weight loss challenge going? Got any tips for me?
 I think I will do pictures and "numbers" at my one month point... AH! Haha!

Weigh in Wednesdays- The Plan

Okay.. Here is the plan! Mind you, it will be changing and evolving as life always changes things up for me, but this is where I am starting.

  1. I will drink 10 water filled tumblers every day. 
  2. I will have a protein shake for breakfast and lunch every day. I will have smaller portions for dinner. I will have 2-3 under 100 calories snacks a day. 
  3. I will walk 2-3 miles every day. (I am hoping to increase this goal as the physical part gets easier for me)
  4. I don't like cutting fruit when I diet. So, fruit will be my treat!
My long term goals are: Looking good in jeans again, being able to run without freaking out that my heart is beating so fast, and reward myself with cute new clothes. I would like to make this a lifestyle, I see fitness bloggers out there that just look like they enjoy eating healthy and working out. I want to enjoy it! Maybe i'll join a Zumba class? I will be posting pictures along the way, so stay tuned for those priceless snapshots. Haha!

This is all I have so far. I am open to any and all suggestions or opinions. I have never been successful at this, but I hope with you as a motivator I can get healthier, feel better, and actually look in the mirror again.