Sweet and Simple Valentine's Treat

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and as much as I wish it were about super romantic date nights and flowers and chocolates and all that, it's not. I have two daughters, so I have to share Valentine's Day with my girls. I'm okay with that, for now, Valentine's Day is a family affair.

Last year we had pancake hearts for breakfast and we've made pink cupcakes before, so this year we have are making a sweet and simple dessert. 

This is all you need and it's under $5. These wafer cookies are the BEST and I mean, who doesn't love some frosting with sprinkles. Yes! 

What my kids liked most about these is that they can make them on their own. You know how much kids love making their own desserts. This was fun for them and then they get to eat it.

My only problem was that I had to try and keep them from double dipping. In the future I will probably give them their own little dollop of frosting and let them double or triple dip away. I have to admit I was inspired by something similar I had seen on Pinterest, but they were dipped in chocolate. As good as everything is dipped in chocolate, Funfetti Vanilla flavored frosting sounded even better. 

So there you go, a super simple and sweet Valentine's Day treat for the whole family.