Take Taco Tuesday To A Whole New Level #JustAddRice

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I know that there are endless possibilities when it comes to meals, but sometimes I just draw a blank when it's time for dinner. It's so easy to get caught up in the easy, simple dishes but that's when the kids start groaning at the dinner table. You know what I mean right? The other day my daughter asked for tacos for dinner because she heard it was Taco Tuesday. To be honest, we have beef, chicken and fish tacos every now and then. I just wanted something different this time.

That's when this box of Uncle Ben's® Long Grain & Wild Rice Fast Cook Recipe came in handy. If you were to ask my little one what her favorite food is, she will tell you rice. She has loved rice since she was an infant. I was kind of excited for her to try the Long Grain & Wild Rice. She was a little hesitant of course, but once she tried it, she kept asking for more. 

While shopping at a Kroger family store, I stood there in the rice aisle for a few minutes just looking over all the different options. The variety of grains and flavors that Uncle Ben's® offers is really helpful for making dinners interesting again.

This, is how I made Taco Tuesday a little different. Hello Taco Bowl! 

How to make a Taco Bowl:

Most of the time when you see Taco bowls made, they are baked. I personally, didn't want to turn the oven on (because it's still hot here) and wait for it to preheat. Instead, I filled a small pot with about two inches of oil and set it to high while I prepared the other ingredients. I used a flour tortilla and once the oil was hot I pushed the tortilla down into the pot while the sides folded up a bit. I used a ladle to hold down the center of the tortilla. Once the bottom fried to brown, I used tongs to flip the tortilla and fried the inside of the taco bowl for about one more minute. When you remove it from the oil, make sure to drain the excess oil by laying upside down on top of some paper towels. It was surprisingly easy to make. 

Uncle Ben's® Long Grain & Wild Rice Fast Cook Recipe had really easy to follow instructions on the box. All I needed to add was some water and butter. The rice cooked in the same time it took for me to shred some chicken and fry the taco bowls. One thing we always have on hand are fresh beans. At least once a week there is a pot of Peruvian or Pinto beans cooking in our house, but of course, in a pinch, you could always use a can of beans. 


These are the ingredients I used for our taco bowls:

Uncle Ben's® Long Grain & Wild Rice Fast Cook Recipe

Flour Tortillas

Chicken (Shredded)

Peruvian Beans (Slow cooked or canned)

Shredded lettuce

Diced Tomatoes

Grated Cheese

and Sour Cream

A successful meal in my house is when everyone enjoys their dinner. My daughters loved building their taco bowl and everyone LOVED the flavor of Uncle Ben's® Long Grain & Wild Rice Fast Cook Recipe, me included. It was such a change from the basic rice dishes I make all the time. I will be picking up other flavors and trying them out to help make my boring dinners exciting again. Let's face it, a bored cook does not make food taste as good as it could. 

Be sure to check out other great Uncle Ben's® flavor options for great recipe ideas. I'd love to hear about your favorite flavor!