Take Care of Those Messy Moments with Pledge® Multi Surface Antibacterial Everyday Cleaner

This post is sponsored on behalf of Pledge®. However, as always all opinions and phots are my own. #SCJMessyMoments

When I was a kid, I despised polishing the furniture. It was the chore that I absolutely hated the most! Now, as an adult it is still my least favorite chore. The only difference now is that I get to choose when I clean and what I use to clean.  I very strongly believe in the saying, "Messy Houses means Happy Kids." I am a busy Mom and I wear a lot of different hats. Between working, blogging, volunteering, homework and cooking... cleaning is definitely at the bottom of my list.  

When I was growing up, we always used Pledge® Lemon Clean Furniture Spray and it was only for wood surfaces. But over the years Pledge® brand products have evolved and look at all the options that I found at Walmart. Not only can Pledge® be used on Multi Surfaces, but it's also available in other fresh scents and antibacterial.

This is a typical day in my house, my daughter reading a book and a cat sitting on the furniture. As you can imagine, there is always pet dander, dust and messy fingerprints pretty much everywhere. How is a Mom supposed to keep up with it all? A cleaner that can be used in every single room in the house is definitely helpful. 

With Pledge Multi Surface I can go from room to room cleaning glass, wood, plastic, and metal all with the Pledge® Multi Surface Antibacterial Everyday Cleaner. So not only am I cleaning, I'm also killing 99.9% of the germs on all of those surfaces. Messy kids are much worse when they are sick, so my best bet is to take care of both.

Can you see the difference? It's a little embarrassing that I was able to find something so covered in dust that it made for such a good "before" picture. But, as I said before I am a busy Mom and sometimes we are too busy having fun and making memories to notice the dust covering up the furniture in the corner. 

But life is all about balance, so when we're done having fun and I find a moment to clean, at least I get to use the cleaner that I choose, Pledge® Multi Surface Antibacterial Everyday Cleaner makes me feel good about cleaning when I have to.