Perfect for The Big Game Skittles Frozen Yogurt Pops! #SkittlesTourney

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Are sports a big deal in your house? I can guarantee that if there is a major game on, it is on a television in my house. It is fun being a sports fans, especially when it is time for the big game or the tournaments. I've noticed that food and games go hand in hand, but for some reason, the sweet element is always missing. I am changing that up this season, with a fun and kid-approved game time treat: Skittles Frozen Yogurt Pops! 
I have always loved Skittles as a treat and I love having them on hand for my kids. Judge all you want, but I use them as a reward for doing their chores or having a good attitude. They get one of each color if they have been really good and besides having a bowl in front of me when I'm watching the big game, I also like to have a handful at night when I'm up late blogging, like right now. 
This weekend, when doing my monthly shopping at Sam's Club I found the 54 oz bag of Skittles for less than $6, a deal I most certainly couldn't pass up, in fact, I may have bought two bags just to have extra on hand.
I know the rest of the country is in a deep freeze and elbow deep in snow, but here in sunny Southern California we are having 80 degree days and getting ready for the big games coming up. Right around March is when our warm Spring days start and my girls start asking for cooler treats, so I decided to come up with Skittles frozen yogurt pop, as a perfect sweet treat for hanging out and watching the game as a family. 
The recipe is easy as 1-2-3 and even the kids can do it if you are looking for a way to get them to help you out. All you will need is:
Yogurt (any flavor, I used Vanilla), Skittles, Small cups or Popsicle mold, Popsicle sticks

Step 1. Layer 
Yogurt and Skittles until the cup is full.
Step 2. Mix 
Use popsicle stick to mix the Skittles will add color to the yogurt.  
Step 3. Freeze! 
3-4 hours or until Frozen solid. To remove, just give a little twist and pull. 
Mmm... so good and so colorful! The Skittles give the yogurt such a nice rainbow color and flavor, as you lick away the yogurt the Skittles add a nice surprise to the texture and give you a sweet bite. The best part, because you are making such small pops, there are really only a small handful of Skittles in each pop, it's not an overload of sweetness and the yogurt balances the sweet with tart. Yum! 
 The perfect colorful sweet treat, perfect for the big games and tournaments. If you are looking for more fun recipes and ideas, don't forget to Like Skittles on Facebook for fun updates on the Skittles Tourney. Thanks for checking out my sweet game time Skittles treat, don't forget to Pin for later and I love to read your feedback and comments, so now it's your turn. 
Tell me: What is your favorite big game sweet treat?

Creating Our Own Fun with the Best Toys #TargetToys

This shop has been compensated by #CollectiveBias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone, I seriously love #TargetToys.

Target is my happy place. There, I've said it. You can find me at my Target 2-3 times a week, with a smile on my face. And just like most other moms, I try my hardest to avoid the toy section just to avoid the inevitable fight and mom guilt. Thankfully, Target has the best toys to help your kids use their imagination and create their own toys, both in store and online. You can visit the Target Toy Emporium (available online) for some great brands that are designed to specifically help children explore, discover, be active, imagine, create and build. These are the most fun parts of childhood. 

Check out what we bought at Target, created and played with at home. 
We bought these fun Racing Wind Cars from Kiwi Crate to build and race at home and had a blast doing it. You know what I love about these type of toys? I love how proud my girls look when they've completed something on their own (with a little help from their mama of course). 
This kit from Kiwi Crate was perfect because it included enough supplies to make two. When you have two little ones, very close in age, this is very important. The age range on this activity is between 4-8 years old, but I had fun racing them too.
My oldest daughter was very excited to get started on this activity. I seriously have created a monster, a crafting monster. All this little one wants to do is make things, just like her mama. She doesn't just see a blank piece of paper, she sees a future paper airplane. 
You can check out the video tutorial I created for a step by step on how we created our fun wind cars, but for now, here are just a few peeks at all the fun we had. My littlest was STOKED when she realized decorating with stickers was the first step.  
I love to see the smile on their faces when they feel a sense of accomplishment. She was so proud seeing her car come together before her eyes and with her own hands. Creativity is something that should always be nurtured, especially in a day and age when art is put on the back burner. The crafts and toys found in Target's Toy Emporium (available online) do just that. 
As basic as the materials are in this kit, it makes for a fun and interesting afternoon not spent in front of the TV. This would make a great indoor or rainy day activity to have on hand or stock up on. Don't forget to take advantage of all the savings that Target has to offer with the Red Card and the Cartwheel app.

Make sure to check out our tutorial on Instagram below. 
So fun right? Just another reason to love Target and their online Toy Emporium