Every Day is Earth Day (DIY Shirt & Activity) #EarthDay2015

We celebrate our Earth quite a bit at our home. My girls are ALWAYS playing outside and usually in the dirt, they are outdoor lovers and professional nature appreciators. I really love that we have a day set aside for the kids to take a moment to really think about our Earth and what we can do to make it better. I'm always looking for something fun for the kids to do or just something to make the ordinary day special. 

This year I wanted to make them special shirts to wear to school, but first I had to come up with a quick design that you can find here. I printed it out, slid it into the shirt (along with a piece of cardboard to prevent marker bleeds) and traced with a marker. Once I started puffy painting the shirts, I realized I could be saving a lot of time if I were to just use fabric markers, but I had the paints on hand already so I took the harder route.

I really love how these came out and was so relieved when my daughters came home from school and said, "Oh Mama! I love it! Thank you!" It's not often that my 6 year old gives me praise, so I almost teared up when she hugged and thanked me for her new cool shirt. Yes! Total Mom Win! 

Feel free to click the link and download and print for yourself, how cute would this look on a tote bag too? 

This one was fun! I told my girls to go outside and gather flowers, sticks, rocks, grass and anything else you can find. An hour later, I started with my Earth Day creation and I looked over and saw my girls made their own. 

So tell me what fun activities do you do on Earth Day?