Bring the Family Together this Thanksgiving with Disney's #PixarCOCO!

Bring the Family Together this Thanksgiving with Disney's #PixarCOCO!

The anticipation was real when it came to Coco. From the moment we heard that Disney and Pixar were going to be taking on the traditional Mexican holiday, Dia de los Muertos. Personally, I could not wait to see how they were going to add their magical touch to an already beautiful Mexican tradition. Through all of the doubt and skepticism, Disney and Pixar came out on top and proved all of the doubters wrong. #PixarCOCO

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How to Share Dia de los Muertos with your classmates

How to Share Dia de los Muertos with your classmates

Growing up, Dia de los Muertos was a holiday that I was aware of, but it wasn't something that my family celebrated. I don't know why, I wish we had, because I think it's such a beautiful way to honor your family. As a Latina Mom, I am going to take this opportunity to teach my girls the truth behind the history and tradition.  #OfrendasConNestle #NestleKitchen #CollectiveBias

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Celebrating #DinoWeek with Fun Printable Activity/Coloring Sheets

I love when Disney Pixar releases a movie poster for their new movie. I immediately run to Google and search to find out any details I can. I remember seeing the movie poster for "The Good Dinosaur" last year and time sure does fly by, because now here we are just weeks away from the release.

Film Synopsis: "The Good Dinosaur" asks the question: What if the asteroid that forever changed life on Earth missed the planet completely and giant dinosaurs never became extinct?  Pixar Animation Studios takes you on an epic journey into the world of dinosaurs where an Apatosaurus named Arlo (voice of Raymond Ochoa) makes an unlikely human friend. While traveling through a harsh and mysterious landscape, Arlo learns the power of confronting his fears and discovers what he is truly capable of.

We're celebrating Dino Week this week (11/14-11/21) as we get ready for the theatrical release of Disney Pixar's newest film "The Good Dinosaur" opening everywhere on November 25th. Get your family ready with these printable activity and coloring sheets. Oh and make sure to visit #DinoWeek for more exclusive clips and activities all week long.

We will be screening Disney Pixar's "The Good Dinosaur" days before the release, so stay tuned for my review. 

How do you spend La Merienda?

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When my girls get home from school the first thing we do is homework. I like to keep the momentum going and get it out of the way at the same time. The only thing about doing homework right away is the kids definitely need a pick-me-up. This is

la merienda

, that special snack time in the afternoon when you spend time together. Kindergarten and First grade homework doesn't take too long, so I like to sneak in a Spanish lesson when I can. How do I get my girls to do a little extra work? Well, fun size M&M's® Peanut for them and SNICKERS® for me sure do help.

While doing our back to school shopping at Walmart this bright yellow display caught my eye. What a great idea, I had to pick up a couple bags. Perfect for la merienda and a great teacher gift too.

I don't speak Spanish often enough, I understand a lot more Spanish than I speak and although my girls do pick up on some of it, they want to learn more. Spanish lessons are a great way for all of us to spend time together. For me, it helps me speak it more and it makes me feel good to teach them. This way they can feel more comfortable speaking to my abuela, their


or great grandmother. A lot of their friends at school speak Spanish and I get asked all the time "

How do you say ... in Spanish?."

 So Spanish lessons during la merienda is perfect. 

I used our fun size bags of M&M'®s as part of our Spanish lesson to help them learn their colors in Spanish. You can do this too! Go ahead and right click on the image below, save and print. If you notice, the colors below are the same colors you find in a

MARS Chocolate M&M'®s

Fun Size Variety bag, so have them practice saying and writing their colors in Spanish and reward them with the coordinating M&M'®s. 

After reviewing their colors and eating their M&M'®s, I had them practice writing some other Spanish vocabulary too. 

How do you all spend la merienda? If you are at Walmart picking up back to school supplies, pick up a bag of MARS Chocolates variety bags and make la merienda a little bit sweeter for everyone. Oh and don't forget to save and print my printable Spanish color worksheet above. 

Every Day is Earth Day (DIY Shirt & Activity) #EarthDay2015

We celebrate our Earth quite a bit at our home. My girls are ALWAYS playing outside and usually in the dirt, they are outdoor lovers and professional nature appreciators. I really love that we have a day set aside for the kids to take a moment to really think about our Earth and what we can do to make it better. I'm always looking for something fun for the kids to do or just something to make the ordinary day special. 

This year I wanted to make them special shirts to wear to school, but first I had to come up with a quick design that you can find here. I printed it out, slid it into the shirt (along with a piece of cardboard to prevent marker bleeds) and traced with a marker. Once I started puffy painting the shirts, I realized I could be saving a lot of time if I were to just use fabric markers, but I had the paints on hand already so I took the harder route.

I really love how these came out and was so relieved when my daughters came home from school and said, "Oh Mama! I love it! Thank you!" It's not often that my 6 year old gives me praise, so I almost teared up when she hugged and thanked me for her new cool shirt. Yes! Total Mom Win! 

Feel free to click the link and download and print for yourself, how cute would this look on a tote bag too? 

This one was fun! I told my girls to go outside and gather flowers, sticks, rocks, grass and anything else you can find. An hour later, I started with my Earth Day creation and I looked over and saw my girls made their own. 

So tell me what fun activities do you do on Earth Day?