Papa built a Playhouse!

Do those look like two happy little girls or what?!
My dad has been talking about building a playhouse for the girls for a while now. His vision has finally come to light and my lucky little girls are loving it! The Playhouse project was initially supposed to be a month long project, however, my dad is incredibly impatient. And, just like I called it, he came home early every day and had it done within a week. I tried to capture the process, but like I said, my dad didn't waste anytime. I was gone for one evening and by the next evening it went from one wall to four! 
This is the completed house from earlier today. Although my dad would say it still needs more finishing touches, it is mostly complete. 
Day 2.
Day 1 consisted of digging holes for the foundation and by Day 2, the cement was poured and the base  was standing.  

Day 4.
See, I went out to dinner for one evening and before I know it there was an entire structure! On this day my mom and the girls were able to paint the frame. They of course were covered in paint by the end, and in fact, I think the littlest still has some paint in her hair. 
Day 6. 
This day it took me, my Mom, Dad and Husband to lift the structure with the roof, onto the base.  
Day 7.
We were gone overnight and by the next afternoon when we returned, my dad had put up the walls, ladder, and railing. We got home just in time for the girls to watch as their Papa added the slide. As you can see on their faces, they were pretty thrilled. 
Day 14.
Today, the trim was added, along with a bench and table down below where the girls and sit and have lunch. Pretty amazing huh? The majority of the structure was built in a week, with some finishing touches added today. There are some design elements that we will be adding soon, like a sign with their names, a hummingbird feeder, maybe even some curtains! I can see the girls making so many memories in their new playhouse. My Dad did such an amazing job, the girls are so lucky to have a papa like him.