Little Apple Baby Shower

 I have been DYING to do this post on the Little Apple Baby Shower that I helped throw for my sister-in-law Tricia. So, a month before the shower, Tricia asked me, "Do you think you can make a tree for my shower?" and my answer? "Umm, sure!" 
The tree was definitely the focal point of the decorations and was a lot of fun to make. The apples on the tree were part of one of the shower games, each apple had a number 1-18, and the guests were able to write a note to baby Emma to be read on the corresponding birthday. 

Here are the invitations that I created for Tricia, they were really classy and simple. And, do you see those apples behind the invite, well because of those apples, we ate apples for a month. Those apples turned into apple fritters, apple pancakes, and apple tarts, it was actually pretty fun trying out new recipes with apples. 

The favors were these amazing Apple Cake pops made by the super talented Kristy's Cakes and Treats

This was the entryway where the Emma poster was displayed during the shower. Tricia wrote out the meaning and the history behind the family name Emma and I designed and printed the poster for her. The poster now hangs in baby Emma's nursery.

The bunches of tissue poms display the color scheme of Red, Brown and Creme. Here, the main table is decorated with burlap for the runner on the white linen, small baskets filled with red apples, and recycled wine bottle as vases with small bunches of white flowers. 
Another view of the main table.
This angle shows the burlap bunting I made. I love burlap! It keeps making appearances at all the parties I have a hand in. It's just so neutral and simple and adds so much character. 

The sweets were such a huge part of the party as well. There was delicious Red Velvet, Chocolate and Vanilla mini cupcakes made by Pinda Sweets, and my baking contribution consisted of mini-apple tarts and mini cheescakes. Oh yes! Super delicious mini desserts. 

The favorite is always Red Velvet. 
How cute are the little added pieces with "Baby Emma" on them? 
More Desserts...

My mini apple tarts were really simple, which made me really happy, considering I made them late the night before the shower. (I can not seem to find the recipe I pinned)
Mini Cheesecakes 
I bought mini pie crusts in the tins and then used the Philly 3-step Cheesecake recipe
Super Easy! But Shh.. don't tell anyone!

 I loved the way the kitchen hutch was so easily transformed into a mini dessert bar.  

And finally, the happy mom-to-be Tricia. It was such a beautiful day and I am so blessed to have been a part of it. 
And, here is my beautiful niece Emma Leighton Russell born February 15, 2013. 
(the post with the announcement I created is coming soon)

P.S. I never remember to document my projects for a DIY tutorial, this is the closest thing I have to a before and after of the tree. 

Valentine's Day Bake Sale for March for Babies

For me, February doesn't just mean Valentine's Day, it marks the beginning of my fundraising campaign for March for Babies. This year was a little different because I decided to take advantage of the Hallmark holiday and hold a bake sale in front of a restaurant in the middle of a pretty busy marketplace, in hopes that somebody would buy some goodies. A week before Valentine's Day, I contacted Just Grillin' in Alhambra and asked about holding a bake sale in front of their restaurant, not only did the owner Steve Fields agree, he also offered to help out by donating 20% of proceeds from customers who mentioned March of Dimes. Once I got the okay from Mr. Fields, I reached out to family and asked if anyone would like to donate baked goods.  

Luckily for me, my sister is a very talented pastry chef who donated her time and delicious cupcakes for the cause. If you are in the SoCal area, you can contact her, here.
So much yummy goodness! Pink Lemonade cookies, Fruity Pebble Treats, Red Velvet, Chocolate, and Vanilla cupcakes!
This is one of the small candy bouquets that I made out of sour belts, Mike & Ike candies, and heart lollipops. 
Here is a shot of our table in front of Just Grillin' in Alhambra, CA. It was such an awesome, fun day! I think we may have to make this an annual fundraiser. 
A HUGE thank you to my sister Melinda at Pinda Sweets, my friend Kristy at Kristy's Cakes & Treats (her delicious cake pops sold before I finished setting up), my Aunt Landa for her carrot cake loaves, my cousin Amber for her Fruity Pebble treats, and my Mom and Dad for donating balloons and all their help. 
Me and my little teammate Lacey. 
She is so excited to do the "March of Dimes Babies" walk.
After all the sugary goodness was gone, we had a very successful bake sale and raised over $400 for our March for Babies team. As successful as our bake sale was, we have not yet reached our team goal, if you would like to make a donation to our team please do so by clicking this
Thank you!