Lexie's 3rd Birthday {Lalaloopsy Rainbow Party}

Well, I can finally relax, Lexie's birthday is over! It was a fun party, and actually, even though I made everything, it was a toned down version of my parties. It was kinda nice to do something a little bit more low-key. Check out the deets below!
This is the invite that I created with the pictures from her 3 year old photo shoot. Lalaloopsy dolls are definitely her favorite, so the theme was a no brainer. And since she loves to sleep and she is the baby in our home, she identifies with Pillow Featherbed, she even dressed as Pillow for Halloween

So, let's get started on the decor.
This was the central table for the party. Instead of doing a "happy birthday banner" I came up with cutting out some big clouds and add the stitching that goes with LaLaloopsy. The letters are all the colors of the rainbow, and of course, I had to include all of the Loopsy dolls that the girls have to the party. 

Rainbow pops add more color to this super colorful party! 
This was a simple poster board that I painted the colors of the rainbow on with watercolors. The color scheme for the party was the colors of the rainbow: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple. (No, no indigo, I did not want to stress about finding that color)

Here is Lexie's Birthday poster. 
I like to create a poster and include their favorite items for that year of their life. It's kinda cool to see the differences and similarities as they grow. 
This is what the patio transformed into. I attached streamers and plastic tablecloths to a hula hoop and hung that from the ceiling fan. 
*My dad did most of the hard work, as always. Thanks Dad! 

The Rainbow of Tissue Poms and buttons along the table. 

My oldest daughter, my niece, and my mom. You can see the LaLaloopsy trees behind them. 
The trees! I loved them, in fact I saved them, they are now a part of the girls' room. I cut them all out, added the stitching and then added buttons to the trees. I was super pleased with them. It's always nice when I envision something and it actually works out the way I imagined.
These were my first attempt at candy wrappers. They were cute! The only thing was, I put them in the fridge to keep them from melting, and totally forgot to put them out on the table until the party was almost over. So I just walked around handing out candy to all the guests as they left.  
The favor bags, with the "Thank you" note. 
These fruit kabobs were a Rainbow themed food. They didn't photograph as well as I hoped, but they were delicious and refreshing! I also planned some more goodies that just didn't pan out. It happens to me every single time, oh well, what are you gonna do?
I was really happy with the rice krispy treats. I added some frosting, sprinkles and a cupcake topper, and voila! 
And now... on to the cake! 
My sister made the cake, of course. I made it easy for her this year and asked for something a little simpler. It was perfect! (p.s. the cake was not tilting, my table was)

We can't forget the pinata! I was so happy when I found this huge LaLaloopsy pinata downtown. I am sure I was quite a sight carrying this ginormous thing through the streets of downtown L.A, and then, trying to fit it in my backseat. Haha! But it was definitely worth it when Lexie saw it for the first time. (Oh! btw, only $12!)

The kids left with SO MUCH CANDY!! Sorry parents. :) 

That's the birthday girl back there. She loves the jumper! I always say no to a jumper for Lexie's birthday because it is in the middle of the summer. My dad always rents one anyway. This year, I had their kiddie pool filled up as well, so they went back and forth from their pool to their jumper. It worked out, they had fun!
My girls. 
Even though some of my ideas didn't pan out the way I planned, the party was a success. It was colorful and fun for the kids. And, most importantly Lexie had a great time.

*Thanks to my dad and mom for their help setting up, my sister for the cake, my husband for coloring the buttons, and sister-in-law for the photos!