Lacey's 3rd Birthday/Candyland/Breakfast at Tiffany's Photo Shoot

Lacey's 3rd birthday is fast approaching, which means, it's crunch time! The birthday planning always starts with an idea, and then some image searching, then a consultation with my sister-in-law (who is my photographer/hairdresser/best friend). I consult with my sis-in-law for two reasons, because she gives me actual feedback and ideas, and not just a generic, "oh that sounds nice." Also, she is my photographer! She has such an amazing eye, and catches my daughters in the most amazing light! 
Lacey in her bright blue "twig"  Thankfully she is very cooperative when it comes to props and things. She LOVES to play dress up. (The wig is actually for her Coraline Halloween costume.)
Anyway.. the party planning has begun for Lacey's 3rd birthday Candyland Party! We channeled, Katy Perry in her video "California gurls" and a little bit of Audrey Hepburn after I seen this really cute lil Audrey Hepburn tutu dress. So here are some of the pictures.

We took pictures at The Candy Chef in Alhambra, CA. They were really very cooperative, for having 3 toddlers running around their store while we tried to take pictures. And, it's a really bright & colorful place!

Our "Breakfast at Tiffany's" shot!