Photo Book- Lacey's 1st year

The one project that I have the biggest LOVE/HATE relationship with is Photobooks!
 I love them because it's a simpler form of scrapbooking and this way I can organize and document all of the millions of photos I take of my girls. 
I hate them because the projects always take forever, probably because of my slow computer, which makes it very very frustrating, but definitely fulfilling in the end. 
Every now and then I get an email from Shutterfly that says Free Photo Book and I have to jump at the opportunity. This time when I got the email I could not decide which pictures to use, but was reminded by my Mom that I never put a baby book together for Lacey. So now that Lacey is 4 years old, I guess it's an appropriate time for her baby book to come out... Lol! Better late than never right?! (Looking back at these pictures totally got my baby fever going, which did not make my hubby too happy!) 
The cost for the 8x8in. 20 page photo book is $29.99, $1 for each additional page, with an extra $7-$8 for taxes and shipping. With the free book coupon, I paid $4 for 4 extra pages and $8 for taxes and S&H, for a total of $12! What a deal! Getting that coupon in my email helped to check an item off of my to-do list. 
Also, after I purchased my book, I saw the option to "share this item" on your blog. One blog thought that I have had, was to do a post on a book I did at the end of last year which I was pretty proud of, but I wasn't sure if I could scan the pages, or how I wanted to do it. So I thought I would try this out and share it on my blog, and because I shared it on my blog, Shutterfly is sending me a $10 coupon! Win-Win!!! 
Here it is, 4 years in the making.. enjoy looking through Lacey's 1st year. 

Visit to create your own personalized photobook.