Show Your Dog You Care with this DIY Personalized Leash #AmorBeneful

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Do you have a furry little four legged family member? I don't even want to refer to them as a pet, it just doesn't seem accurate. In our family, we have a puppster named Toby. He stole our hearts so suddenly and now, I really couldn't imagine our day to day lives without him. I have come to realize that there is a special place in our hearts just for dogs. Six years ago, we lost a very special four legged family member and I didn't think we would ever have space in our hearts for another, until now. It took us 6 long years and a rambunctious little puppy to open our hearts up again. It's crazy to think the things you do for the beloved furry ones, today I'm sharing a fun and easy DIY craft that you can make to show your dog just how much you care.

While shopping at Target the other day I realized I was out of dog food and after perusing the pet care aisles for 20 minutes an idea hit me and before you know it, I had a bag of New Chicken flavor Beneful Incredibites, a toy, a leather leash, a new food bowl and paint in my shopping cart. Sometimes I pick dog food based on price, but a lot of the time healthy ingredients completely win me over. 

I love the smell and look of leather, it reminds me of gifts that my grandma would bring from Mexico. Leather is such a traditional material in fact, my husbands great grandmother used to own a leather goods shop. When I found the leather leash, I decided I would need to carve his name into it. Here's what you'll need:

A leather dog leash

An Exacto blade

A sharpie

A paint brush


A damp towel

First, you should write out your dog's name and any other decoration with a sharpie. This will make the next step easier when you know what to carve ahead of time.

Next, you can take the exacto blade and carve away at the markings you drew with the sharpie.

Next, dip your paint brush in your paint and dab just enough paint to soak into the leather carvings. After a few seconds, take the damp towel and wipe off any excess paint. That's it, you're done.

After I finished with Toby's name, I decided to add some Aztec inspired patterns to the leash and I just loved the way it looked. I loved the bright chartreuse-ish color, I thought it added a good amount of contrast to the leather. 

It's easy to love this little guy. Toby fits so perfectly into our little familia. I love to watch him play with the kids, he's always ready to cuddle when I want to, and when he smells the carne asada and elote on the BBQ, you know he will be there, standing guard waiting for a treat. That is what makes Toby more than just a pet, he is familia. 

 I love the colors of Beneful, they have a nutritious blend of real wholesome ingredients like chicken, carrots and spinach in tender and crunchy 

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