Fun Valentine's Cards from Peaceable Kingdom

Disclaimer: We were provided samples to for review purposes. No other compensation was provided. 

Dear Moms, Valentine's Day is coming up. If you're thinking, "YAY Date night!" Good for you! But if you're anything like me, then you're thinking, "Ugh, classroom Valentines!!" Haha!

I have two daughters with 24 students in each class. So I can't just buy a box of cards and a bag of candy, first of all it's never enough. Secondly, I always want to be a little different. I am always throwing something together super last minute because by the time I remember, it's the night before and the store has sold out of the one's my daughters not want, but need! This year I took a different route and got some cards from Peaceable Kingdom. If you haven't checked them out yet then you are in for a treat.

Peaceable Kingdom has super cool Valentine's cards that you can check out below, including Scratch & Sniff, Bookmarks, and Cootie Catchers. My girls were so excited to see that not only did Mom get these in the mail, but No other kids will have these!

So, I must be failing as a parent because my girls did not realize how cool Scratch & Sniff stuff was. I think Scratch & Sniff was more popular in the 90's because when I was a kid, you could scratch and sniff everything, but now, not so much. Either way, my girls thought these were So Cool! and we tested them out, a week later, they still smell pleasantly of strawberries. 

I've showed these to my girls once before and they loved it! These you can personalize with a Valentine's note on the inside, but the pictures, sayings and designs are just really cute. Kids will love these!

P.s. I had no idea it was called a Cootie Catcher. I now feel like a grown up that I know the name of this fun past time.

You can't forget bookmarks. These are so cute and simple and my early readers love them. My daughter's fellow 1st graders will be able to put them to use right away since they have to read every night for homework anyway. 

So go check out Peaceable Kingdom for tons of Fun Stuff including, Valentine's Cards, Birthday Cards, Games and Stickers. Oh man, I loved stickers when I was a kid, their sticker collection is like a dream come true.