Lexie's Cowgirl PhotoShoot

Lexie's 2nd birthday is fast approaching!!!! Which means her annual birthday photo shoot has taken place, and once again, Tricia has outdone herself! I am in love with these photos, and I think one of the reasons that I am so in love with them, is because I am a city girl from Los Angeles, and these just take me to a whole different world. 
Her party theme this year is Jessie the Cowgirl/Western. I chose the theme because she loves her Jessie doll which she calls "AHA" (that's her way of saying "yee-haw") and Lexie's middle name just happens to be Jessie. 
These photos were taken at a cemetery in Norco, CA. (Yes, a cemetery! haha)
Lexie's boots were bought at Payless and her shirt is mommy-made!

Party pictures coming soon!!!!