DIY Mother's Day Project (plus Giveaway)

Disclaimer: This is part of a sponsored collaboration with DiMe Media and Pampers. All opinions are 100% mine.

Mother's Day is here and although jewelry and an expensive purse or spa day may be what you really really want, we all know that as Mom's we can't deny that homemade gifts mean so much more. I love making things with my girls and one project I have been meaning to create is a mosaic tile. It's a really easy project you can do with the kids and it lasts for a really long time. We made this one for my Mom, their Nana. 


The mosaic project is really very easy. You can buy a kit that comes with everything you see here, including the cement, container, and pieces of glass at your local Michael's or other craft store. All I needed to do was add some water to create a pancake batter consistency and pour into the container. 

Next, is the fun part, creating your desired design. The kit that I bought came with a stencil to help create this shape, and I thought it was too cute to not do. 

I decided to add a few more small pieces around the edge to give it some more color and that's it. A perfect gift for Mom to use in her garden. This kit dried in about 2 hours! It probably wasn't fully set, but I was able to flip it out of the container and handle it. The instructions say to allow it to dry for 24 hours, so although it seemed dry, I left it alone for a day before wrapping it up. 

This Mother’s Day,


is celebrating moms and the precious moments of love with their little ones by giving the Pampers Gift of Love to help families capture and cherish those loving moments with baby. Babies experience mom’s love in many different ways, and those precious moments mom shares with her little one make every day special and worth remembering. Even though my littles are not babies anymore, the handmade gifts are the most memorable, especially since we are making them together.

It’s a privilege for Pampers to be part of those precious moments that moms, abuelas, tias and the whole family share with babies. And to celebrate it, Pampers is giving them its Pampers Gift of Love to capture those loving moments this Mother’s Day!

Pampers has created a #RegaloDeAmorPampers gift basket to help celebrate and capture those special moments of love with their baby.


- $25 Michael’s gift card

- $100 SpaFinder Gift Card 

- Pampers Swaddlers and Pampers Wipes

To enter: 

1. Leave me a comment below telling me how you plan on celebrating motherhood this Mother's Day.

2. Tweet/Share: "Thank you! @Pampers @Kindasillymommy for the fun Mother's Day #Giveaway! #RegaloDeAmorPampers"

Giveaway Guidelines: Entrants must be 18+up and live in the contiguous U.S.

The Never Ending "Joys" of Motherhood

Motherhood is a tricky tricky thing. It's a never ending job, it's the sort of job that you can never be prepared for. Even when you start to feel like you've got things under control, you will be hit with something completely out of left field. I was just getting over a bout of tonsillitis that managed to ruin my kid-free Spring Break and was finally settling back into the routine. I chaperoned the kindergarten Zoo field trip and the very next day at pick up, I get handed the dreaded letter. You know the one. The "your kid has LICE!!!" letter. 
Oh man, I knew this day would come, but I definitely wasn't prepared for it. I had lice when I was a kid, I got it from my sister, and I know it happens to everyone at one point, in fact, if you escaped childhood without getting lice, you are lucky. We immediately went on a hunt for the medicated shampoos and special combs and went to work on the little buggers. I really wanted to make it clear that I'm not ashamed that my daughters had lice. Getting lice doesn't mean we're dirty people, honestly, I think I am tracing it back to a movie theater. 
So, for #NationalSiblingDay this year I posted a picture of my beautiful daughters, donning their shower caps over olive oil soaked heads with the caption, "Sisters that get Lice together, stick together? #NationalSiblingDay." Although my 6 year old asked me not to put it on Facebook, she doesn't really know what that means yet, so I shared it. Was it weird that I wanted people to know I wasn't ashamed of this? Maybe. I actually received a lot of support from friends and family about their experiences with lice and was let in on the fact that there are services and salons out there that you can take your kids to and pay for lice removal. I went pretty old school on this one. I used the medicated shampoos, washed all of their bedding, then went for the olive oil treatment and hand removal of the little creeps. I tell you, I totally get why people pay for the help because this has been such a long few days. I'm just hoping my daughters will forget the torture that their hair has gone through because, I know I had lice as a kid, but I don't actually remember the awful experience. 

So tell me: Have you or your kiddos ever had lice? How did you deal? 

The tooth fairy is on her way...

I just wanted to share with you all that my oldest daughter lost her first tooth today. 
It was very exciting because 3 months ago, her permanent teeth came in behind her baby teeth and it freaked me out! I got a lot of mixed advice when I asked around about how common this is. When my daughter had her first x-rays done of her teeth at 2 1/2 years old, her dentist told me to brace myself, because she was definitely going to need braces. Now, I can see how he was able to predict that. 

Today, while eating pancakes at Norm's Restaurant, her first baby tooth fell out. 
She was very excited because of course, she remembered that I mentioned we would make a very special tooth pillow when the time came. So, we rushed home to make the pillow. 

She fell asleep tonight very excited at the thought of the tooth fairy coming and taking her tooth. Her version involves the tooth fairy weighing her tooth on a scale and then crushing it so they can have more tooth fairy dust. She also predicted the tooth fairy would leave $25! I guess we will have to wait and see. 

Good night, my sweet Lacey. I hope you are having the sweetest of dreams tonight. My little big girl, can you please stop growing. Please.