DIY Fairy Garden

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One of my favorite things about being a mom to two little girls, is keeping the magic alive. I want them to believe in magic for as long as possible. When we talked about Spring coming soon, we decided that we need to thank the fairies for bringing Spring to our backyard. We headed to Big Lots and picked up everything we were going to need for our very own Fairy Garden. The best part about this project was that this was something that I could do with them, it was a chance for us to spend time together—albeit while getting a little bit dirty.  

For me and my girls, playing in the dirt never gets old. This is probably my favorite step in creating a Fairy Garden, adding the soil. To start, you'll need potting soil, a container for the base and some garden tools. After adding a layer of soil, we laid out the Roll Out Flower sheet that is full of seeds and cut it so it could fit the base. We also cut out a circle for the fairy's house.  

Next, per the instructions on the box of Roll Out Flowers, we watered the sheet full of seeds thoroughly. In fact, we soaked it. Word to the wise, stay in control of the water hose because kids with a water hose can be messy. There were quite a few options of Fairy Houses to choose from at Big Lots, after much debate between my daughters we settled on the toadstool house.  

Next, we covered the sheet of Roll Out Flowers with a little bit more soil and then started on the decorating. I had some of these stones in a vase and thought they would make a perfect stone path for so the fairy can find her way. We were also lucky enough to find the perfect additions to our Fairy Garden, a welcome sign and a mail box, because would any Fairy house be complete without it? I don't think so.  

This is what our Fairy Garden looks like before the grass and flowers grow. Notice in the background, I also found some small hummingbird feeders at Big Lots that compliment our garden very nicely. Because, according to my 5 year old, Hummingbirds and Fairys are very good friends and maybe even cousins.  

My girls check on our Fairy Garden every day and with each flower that sprouts, they continue to believe in magic. The magic of our planet is pretty remarkable and I love that they will grow up appreciating all that the Earth has to offer. Projects like this are the best, I spent time with my girls talking about magic, playing in the dirt and making memories.

Thank you Big Lots for having everything we need to create our very own Fairy Garden.