Mother's Day Movie - In Theaters April 29!

A couple weeks ago I attended a MAMARAZZI® event hosted by The MOMSFUJIFILM INSTAX. I got to watch the new film Mother's Day at TCL Chinese Theater and sit in on a Q&A with Britt Robertson and Director Garry Marshall to chat about their new movie.

Mother's Day features an all star cast with Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts, Jason Sudeikis and according to Gary Marshall - the new upcoming star, Britt Robertson. 

The movie follows several story lines. All stories that Mom's everywhere can relate to, including a young Mother, a Divorced Mother, and a widower. The film also touches on same-sex parenting, inner-racial parenting and some of the issues that come along with that. But, don't worry it's not too deep. Mother's Day has a lot of light hearted, silly moments that will make you laugh and maybe even remind you that as serious as life may be, you still have to laugh at yourself and enjoy all of life's little moments. 

I have to admit, I didn't know I was such a Britt Robertson fan. I loved her in the way too short lived series, Life Unexpected and in the movie Ask Me Anything. I have yet to see Tomorrowland, but it's on my list to watch soon. She had a big role in Mother's Day and director Gary Marshall mentioned that he likes to find young talent such as Britt and give them a shot to shine in something big. 

I loved hearing Gary Marshall talk, I could listen to him talk all day. During this Q&A, he talked about why he likes to make movies with a mostly female audience. Because according to him, women are much more complex and interesting. I couldn't agree with him more. The relationships alone in the film really show how complex the lives of women and Mother's really can be. 

It's days like this that I really appreciate and love what I do. I get to head to Hollywood, hang out with my friends Tee of That's It LA and Yvonne of MOMSLA, play with the new FujiFilm INSTAX cameras and watch a fun movie. 

These FujiFilm INSTAX cameras are so fun! I've been carrying mine around with me in my purse for a couple of weeks now, and I love being able to capture silly moments. I have a bridal shower coming up later this month and my FujiFilm INSTAX is going to be a cool way to keep and share memories. 

This was a fun group shot of the MAMARAZZI® if you are looking for me, I'm standing directly behind Gary Marshall.  Check out the trailer for Mother's Day below and then get out and see it.  Make a date of it, have your husband take you, take your Mom, go with your friends or go by yourself. Enjoy. 

Tell me: What are your Mother's Day plans?

DIY Mother's Day Project (plus Giveaway)

Disclaimer: This is part of a sponsored collaboration with DiMe Media and Pampers. All opinions are 100% mine.

Mother's Day is here and although jewelry and an expensive purse or spa day may be what you really really want, we all know that as Mom's we can't deny that homemade gifts mean so much more. I love making things with my girls and one project I have been meaning to create is a mosaic tile. It's a really easy project you can do with the kids and it lasts for a really long time. We made this one for my Mom, their Nana. 


The mosaic project is really very easy. You can buy a kit that comes with everything you see here, including the cement, container, and pieces of glass at your local Michael's or other craft store. All I needed to do was add some water to create a pancake batter consistency and pour into the container. 

Next, is the fun part, creating your desired design. The kit that I bought came with a stencil to help create this shape, and I thought it was too cute to not do. 

I decided to add a few more small pieces around the edge to give it some more color and that's it. A perfect gift for Mom to use in her garden. This kit dried in about 2 hours! It probably wasn't fully set, but I was able to flip it out of the container and handle it. The instructions say to allow it to dry for 24 hours, so although it seemed dry, I left it alone for a day before wrapping it up. 

This Mother’s Day,


is celebrating moms and the precious moments of love with their little ones by giving the Pampers Gift of Love to help families capture and cherish those loving moments with baby. Babies experience mom’s love in many different ways, and those precious moments mom shares with her little one make every day special and worth remembering. Even though my littles are not babies anymore, the handmade gifts are the most memorable, especially since we are making them together.

It’s a privilege for Pampers to be part of those precious moments that moms, abuelas, tias and the whole family share with babies. And to celebrate it, Pampers is giving them its Pampers Gift of Love to capture those loving moments this Mother’s Day!

Pampers has created a #RegaloDeAmorPampers gift basket to help celebrate and capture those special moments of love with their baby.


- $25 Michael’s gift card

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1. Leave me a comment below telling me how you plan on celebrating motherhood this Mother's Day.

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Giveaway Guidelines: Entrants must be 18+up and live in the contiguous U.S.

Finding the Perfect Gift Just for Mom with Don Roberto Jewelers

FYI: The opinions in this article are my own. I do not work for, or with, any brand mentioned in this article, nor do I have any official relationship with them. I have a relationship with GigaSavvy, for whom I create original editorial content.

Gosh! Can you believe it's already almost May? The year is flying by and you know what is just around the corner? This year, Mother's Day or Dia de las Madres falls on May 10th, now you can't say you haven't been warned. 

Since becoming a mother myself, I have loved being able to celebrate Mother's day. I love the little gifts that my girls make at school, especially the homemade cards with their little hand prints. But I must admit, every year I look forward to the big gift that my husband picks out. This year, I'm dropping hints, because I could use some new jewelry. My girls are not babies anymore, I can wear earrings without being in fear of an infant yanking them out or putting my necklace in their mouth.

You can't go wrong with a nice new rose gold watch or gold and pearl stud earrings that you can find at Don Roberto Jewelers. These would make such subtle but beautiful additions to your jewelry collection. Of course, you can't forget your own mama on Mother's Day, check out the beautiful "Mama" rose charm necklace, I know my Mama would love that. 

As a gift to my lucky readers Don Roberto Jewelers is offering a 25% off discount code to any online purchase when you enter BP25FP at checkout.

 How amazing is that? 

So make sure to head over to Don Roberto Jewelers and check out their Spring catalog. They have such beautiful pieces that any Mama would feel so blessed to receive this Mother's Day.

You can also visit the new Don Roberto Jewelers in Whittier.

13502 Whittier Blvd. Suite IB

(562) 309-4194

Tell me: Did you visit Don Roberto Jewelers online yet? What was your favorite piece?

Easy DIY Mother's Day Gift

Disclosure: I received samples of ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape to complete this project. I was not compensated for this post and all opinions and thoughts are my own. With that being said, read on! 

I love to DIY, I would classify myself as a DIY'er and honestly, I think handmade gifts are the best. I love the imperfections, it gives the gift so much more meaning and heart. Today I am sharing with you a very easy DIY idea that can be used for any day. But since Mother's Day is just around the corner, I thought this would be great for your kids to make for all the Mother's in their life.

It is pretty easy and can be made with materials you probably already have on hand. The one tip I would give is to use Scotch Blue Painter's Tape, it just helps to prevent bleeding and makes the crafters life easier. 

Go look around your house, do you have a pot laying around your garden? I bet you do. Grab it!  Gather up your paint, scissors and Scotch Blue Painter's Tape. Now you're ready! 

I cut my tape into thinner strips and just went for a little design that would be easy for my daughter to follow and paint. You could do so many different styles with the tape, chevron, stripes, or even go for a curve, it just takes a little more patience.

See how easy, simple and fun? The kids are always up for painting. This project takes very little prep, so it can be last minute or done in advance and make a ton of them! Bonus: The proud look on the kids faces when they take off the strips of tape to reveal the design they helped create.

For this little project I used the Scotch Blue Painter's Tape to create a message on a coffee mug. Another fun and easy project for the kiddos to do for a gift.

*Tip: don't forget to seal the paint with a sealant, just pick one up from your local craft store. 

Thanks for reading my easy peasy tutorial for a quick DIY gift idea for the kiddos to make.