Thanks for the Memories...

Music is magical, it can take you to places you've been and places you've only dreamed about. 
Everyone has a favorite band, even if it's hard to pick just one, one always comes to mind. My favorite band... Anberlin

I have been a fan of Anberlin since 2002, the year I met my now husband. When the hubby and I were first dating, we introduced each other to different music, I introduced him to Pop, R&B and Hip Hop and he introduced me to some of the harder stuff. One of the tracks that stuck with me from a mixed CD he made, was Anberlin's Cadence, from the album Blueprints for the Black Market. Not long after, I fell in love with the song Autobahn. 

Excerpt from Autobahn by Anberlin

And we're driving just as fast as we can
and we're racing to outrun the wind
It's just me and you and you and me
so wild eyed, so young, bright eyed and free
And we're trying to get out of here
and a small town romance draws ever near
And I swear we're in a movie
the highlight comes when you kiss me

To me, this song summed up our life at the time. When my husband and I were first dating, we were poor, young (17 and 18 years old) and would drive all around Southern California. We spent the first years of our relationship, in his truck, driving to the beach and listening to music.
Here are a few of my favorite moments with Anberlin.
  • 2005: Never Take Friendship Personal was released and it was all we listened to. Every time my husband (boyfriend at the time) would pull up to my house, I could hear A Day Late blaring out his open windows. 
  • December 3, 2007: The release of Cities earlier that year was exciting, but the tour was the big memory for me. At a very difficult time in our life, we were mourning the loss of our son and in an attempt to help get our spirits up, my parents gifted us tickets to see Anberlin at the House of Blues in Anaheim. That night was the first night in a long time that we smiled. 
  • September 30, 2008: at 8 months pregnant the Husband and I drove out to see Anberlin at Rhino Records for the release of New Surrender. Amazing! It was an intimate, acoustic performance, and we stood only 15 feet away from our favorite band as they serenaded us with songs like Retrace and Haight St

The other night we saw Anberlin for the 7th and last time. Sadly for their fans, this is their farewell tour. I left the concert many things. All I could say to my husband was, I think this was my favorite night ever. It's true, I don't get out much, I am a blog-from-home-Mom, and my life is just not very exciting. But there was something about this particular kid-free, date night, seeing my favorite band, hearing my favorite songs. It felt amazing, it touched my soul, it's a night I will always remember. It was like our own personal performance, it was like we were the only two there. It was like being 20 years old again, in the truck with the man I love, listening to the soundtrack to our life. 

I Will Never Forget My First #PromiseToBaby

This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with JOHNSON’S® Baby and Latina Bloggers Connect, however all opinions are my own. 

Becoming a mom has been the most challenging time in my life. If you have been reading my blog for a while, then you know that my journey into motherhood was not an easy one. When my son passed away I made a very important promise to him, that I will never forget him. An easy promise to make and keep forever, I think about him every day. 
Once my daughter was born, the first promise I ever made to her was that I would never let her go, I promised to always be there for her and hold her whenever she needed me. A year and a half later, I had to make another very important promise to her. I promised that even though she now had a younger sister, I will always love the both of them the same and that I will always be there for the both of them. Promises are never taken lightly. Life passes by so quickly now, those promises that you make to your little one are memories that will last forever. 

Johnson's products are a big part of the memories I have of when my littles were babies. A very special memory I have from the few hours I got to spend with my son, was bathing him with Johnson's baby wash. A year later when I had my daughter, my favorite baby product was the soothing lavender lotion, it made her feel so comfy and smell so wonderful. Those are some of the most priceless memories I have. Johnson's is a part of almost every moms first days as a parent. Recently, some mothers have expressed concern about the ingredients used in Johnson's products and they listened. Although Johnson's baby products have always been safe, they changed their formulas to give moms peace of mind.

As the new products hit shelves, Johnson's has launched a heartfelt campaign called “Your Promise is Our Promise” as a way to express their ongoing commitment to moms. Just as I make promises to my daughters, moms make promises to their children, Johnson's baby also makes promises so moms don’t have to worry about the products they use on their littles.
Check out Johnson's commitment to moms everywhere in their “Our Promise” video and make sure to share  their promise with other mothers. The concept was inspired by a Japanese legend that says folding 1,000 origami cranes will result in a wish granted and a promise fulfilled. I love the sentiment behind it. 

So make sure to keep an eye out for Johnson's baby seven newly reformulated products:
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What is your favorite Johnson's baby product?

It takes a special Father to be a Daddy

 I look like him, and although I always deny it, I am a lot like him. 
My dad has always been a provider, a protector and my daddy. 
It must be a strange thought for some people, that I still live with my Dad. For us, it works. 
Like every father-daughter relationship, we went through our rough patch for a while when I grew up. I think the best thing any Father can do, and that my Dad has done, is apologize for the mistakes that they have made because, well, they are human too.
 I don't think you can understand or appreciate that apology until you are a parent yourself. Because, now I know, being a parent is not easy.  I have a pretty great relationship with my Dad at this point in life. He is a great Papa to my girls and I really couldn't ask for anything more. 
I am so glad that I have albums filled with memories like this, because for some reason I don't remember very much of my childhood. Here are some things I do remember of my Daddy from when I was growing up.

My dad worked a lot. I remember him coming home in the evening and asking what we were watching on TV. We'd say, "Who's the Boss?" and he'd always say, "I am. But what are you watching."

My dad played softball with his brothers on the weekends and because of that, I got to see and play with my cousins a lot.

I remember my dad taking me to several fire stations for Open House one time and I was so cool, because I got to hold the big fire hose. 

I remember watching my Dad dressed in a long sleeve sweatshirt, gloves, jeans tucked into his boots, and a pool net over his head as he knocked down the wasps nests outside. 

I remember calling my dad to pick me up from a friends house around the block because a dog had chased me while I was riding my bike.

I remember going over to my grandpa's house on football Sundays so he could hang out with his Dad (while my sister and I watched American Gladiators on a 4 inch black and white television).

I remember my Dad signing Brad Pitt's name on a pledge form for a jump rope competition that I was raising money for. 
My Dad hasn't changed much. 
He does the same things with my kids, as their Papa, as he did when I was little. He teases them the way he used to tease me, says the same corny jokes from when I was a kid, and mostly, I wouldn't have it any other way.