Cooking with Del Monte and Chef Deborah Gorman

Let me start this post with a big THANK YOU to Del Monte. A few weeks ago they tweeted me and said they had a gift for me. To my surprise, their gift was a homemade dinner prepared and cooked in my home, by a personal chef. How amazing is that? As the primary cook in my home, a much needed break sounded like a dream come true. 

A few days ago, I received two proposed menus from Chef Deborah Gorman, which of course had me drooling. I went with the menu described as,"Rustic, Elegance and Spice." I have to admit I was a bit nervous about whether or not my little ones would eat food that was unfamiliar to them, but of course they enjoyed tasting everything. 

Keep reading for all the ingredients and details of this amazing meal. 
I wasn't sure what to expect from having a personal chef in my home. Many different scenarios went through my mind. Would the chef be serious the whole time? Speak only French? Not like kids? (Haha! I know, I totally pictured the chef from The Little Mermaid, the one who chased Sebastian around the whole kitchen.)
 Anyway, Chef Deborah was really cool and personable and handled the chaos in my home really well. As you can see in the picture above, my daughter was really interested in what Chef Deborah was doing and did a great job at engaging with all of us while preparing our meal. 

Salted Cod and Corn Fritters, Spicy homemade Ketchup and Coriander Ajoli
The fritters are pan fried, crispy, salty and with sweet bites of corn. The Ketchup has subtle spice and the Ajoli is creamy and aromatic. Made with Del Monte Corn, Home made Ketchup made with Del Monte Diced Tomatoes.

The Salted Cod and Corn Fritter was my FAVORITE!!! They were so good, all the flavors and textures were complimentary to each other. Crunchy but soft, salty but sweet. I wish I could explain it better, It was just delicious! 

Homemade Fresh Semolina Parpadelle, Rustic Duck Meatballs with Diced Tomato Marinara
The duck meatballs are spiced with juniper and fennel seeds. The sauce is made with Del Monte Diced tomatoes.

I had no idea what semolina parpadelle was, but I sure was ready to eat it. Haha! The Duck Meatballs had chopped almonds inside which added crunch and gave the entire meal so much dimension. I know I don't even have to tell you how good the diced tomato marinara was. I mean it's marinara. Delicious! 

Winter Salad of shaved root vegetables with Roasted hazelnuts and lemon olive oil dressing
Made with a selection of farmers market root vegetables. Lightly dressed with a bright simple lemon dressing. 
I was a little nervous for my dad to eat this salad. He is not a "salad kind of guy." But even he could not deny the deliciousness that went on on this plate. Look at how beautiful all the colors are.I don't think I have ever eaten celery root before, but my gosh, if you toss it in a salad with thinly sliced carrots, radishes and arugula. You have got something beautiful and tasty.
Home made Persimmon and smoked Cardamon Sorbet and Yuzu Lemon Sorbet. Salt and pepper Shortbread cookies, Shaved chocolate

For dessert, we were very lucky because our chef, Deborah is also the chef of Sorbabes Gourmet Sorbet. She shared some of her new flavor combinations with us. The sorbet was so refreshing, my daughter loved the persimmon and smoked cardamon sorbet and I loved the Yuzu lemon sorbet. Needless to say, the shortbread cookies were just as good as they sound. 
Thank you Chef Deborah for the extra sorbet and cookies, they were just as delicious the next day. 

If you are in need of a personal chef, I highly recommend Chef Deborah Gorman and you can reach her through KitchenSurfing

Thanks again Del Monte for a delicious dinner and a wonderful experience!