How the Helpful Honda Guys Helped My Sister, a Disabled USAF Veteran

It is not often that I get to do something really special for the people in my family, but thanks to the Southern California Helpful Honda guys, that recently changed.
Last week, the Helpful Honda Boys in Blue offered me two tickets to the USC football game, and the first person who came to mind was my sister. My sister is the biggest USC fan I know, but had never been to a game. I was so glad to be able to give her tickets to her first USC game, which of course, they won.  
My sister is not only a USC fan, but she is also a disabled USAF veteran. My sister joined the United States Air Force at a young age and was deployed only days after 9/11, she proudly served her country for many years. She now lives the civilian life as an entrepreneur, certified pastry chef, Disney lover and die hard Los Angeles Dodgers and USC fan. 
Although the game was high scoring and the Trojans defeated Notre Dame, my sister, a high school band geek, loved watching the amazing Trojan Marching Band. If you ever get the chance to see the Trojan Marching Band, do it. You will not be disappointed. 

While she was making memories at her first game, the Guys in Blue were being Helpful behind the scenes.  The Helpful Honda teams have been spotted at USC and UCLA football games providing fans with helpful perks. All around the stadium, the Helpful Guys in Blue can be seen greeting fans, picking up trash, as well as giving out game-day essentials like sun screen, hand sanitizer, portable radios, & misters. And as an added bonus, at both USC and UCLA home games the Boys in Blue are surprising lucky Honda drivers with free car washes while they enjoy the game. 

The Guys in Blue will continue to be around at various home games during the remaining USC and UCLA football season. To find out when they will be at the Rose Bowl and the Coliseum next, and to learn more about other acts of helpfulness in Southern California, make sure to like them at and follow them on Twitter @HelpfulHonda

Thanks so much Helpful Honda guys for helping me do something extra special for my sister. Have you spotted the Helpful Honda guys around town? 

Thanks Helpful Honda for the Fun Night Out with My Mom!

We've all seen the commercials with the Helpful Honda guys, you know the guys in the blue shirts. My favorite is the one where the lady in blue shows up at a yard sale and buys everything for $2000 and then donate to the Goodwill. How nice would that be? Well, let me tell you. The other day I received my very own Random Act of Helpfulness in the form of  Dodger tickets. 
Now the choice was all mine, do I take one daughter? My husband? I decided on a night out with my Mom. 
We had a great time at the game! It was nice not having to worry about kids or husbands and to just sit back and enjoy the game. The Dodgers are our hometown team, I was born to be a Dodger fan, my family would not have it any other way, especially since we live only 15 minutes away from the stadium.
 Just look at the view from our seats. I love everything about being at the Dodger game. There is such an amazing sense of community that you feel, being surrounded by people from all over, but rooting for the same team.
 Look at those Helpful Honda guys being helpful during the game. If you are following them on Facebook then you may have seen them being super helpful on #HelpfulFridays by upgrading Honda drivers seats, giving Free Parking, or surprising one lucky Honda driver with the chance to deliver the first pitch. 

So cool right? So, go follow them on Facebook and Twitter and keep an eye out for any Random Acts of Helpfulness going on in your area! 

Find the Guys in Blue around SoCal! #HelpfulFridays

The Guys in Blue are bringing Helpful Fridays to LA Dodgers and LA Angels Friday home games for most of the 2014 baseball season, now through summer. The first 100 Honda drivers will receive Free Parking at Friday home games, whether you’re rooting for the Boys in Blue or The Halos [in Red]. During #HelpfulFridays, baseball fans can also find helpfulness all over the stadium. Can’t find your seat? Look for the blue polos, easy to spot already carrying items for you to your seats, taking group pictures, and providing game-day essentials like sunscreen and cooling misters.  

At upcoming Dodgers and Angels games, the SoCal Honda Dealers are also treating lucky Honda drivers to helpful perks like seat upgrades and complimentary tickets to future games. And baseball Helpfulness doesn’t only happen in-game, as The Guys In Blue were just out hydrating runners at the LA Angels 5K & 1 Mile Family Fun Run/Walk. Whether we’re surprising Honda drivers with seat upgrades and free parking, or lending a hand at community events, baseball fans in Southern California will be getting a helpful treat from the SoCal Honda Dealers this MLB season. Also be on the lookout out for Blue Shirts at Six Flags Magic Mountain and select LA Galaxy community events for more helpfulness. It's just another way we're being helpful! So if your Dodger dog or garlic fries are missing some condiments... just ask. We’re happy to bring you some ketchup!
To find out more, check out #HelpfulFridays or for clues on where the Guys in Blue will be next, follow them on Twitter @HelpfulHonda and “Like” them on Facebook.