Attn: Hello Kitty Fans! #HKFestival is here!

Hello Kitty is hitting the road this year with her first-ever live North American tour: Hello Kitty's Supercute Friendship Festival!

Fellow blogger and friend Penny from OnTheGoOC attended the #HKFestival preview and shared her favorite must-see's and do's.

Hello Kitty heaven! That's where we were last night covering the amazing Friendship Festival at the Forum. There were so many hard core HK fans that showed up, even the line to check in was fun to be in, seeing everyone in their cosplay!

Once inside we just couldn't get enough! Aside from checking out all of the HK apparel, souvenirs and very charismatic and upbeat stage shows, we had a few favorite and must do activities that we definitely suggest checking out. 

When I asked my 7 year old daughter what her favorite part was, she said it was definitely meeting Hello Kitty! She also loved walking through Hello Kitty's life size house and seeing all of her life size things. 

I couldn't have wanted more out of the experience than the words that came out of my daughters mouth, "Just perfect and so cute it's hard not to smile and be friendly to everyone."

I think Hello Kitty would be super pleased with that response.

There are a lot of activities for all ages at Hello Kitty's Supercute Friendship Festival. I mean, you kinda turn into a kid when you're there and just put on the ears and bow, paint your whiskers on and get a temporary tattoo. You can't help but smile along with all the cuteness. Also if you follow along with the #HKFestival hashtag on Instagram, you will see some more awesomeness going on at the Forum this weekend, get your tickets


 (P.s. They're heading to San Diego next!)

My personal favorites we're definitely the dresses they had on display as well as the art wall where you were able to practice drawing Hello Kitty and her friends on a whiteboard. 

I must confess, meeting Hello Kitty myself was a childhood dream come true, since I used to walk to the Sanrio store in Tustin, California a few blocks from my house when I was my daughter's age. Talk about a nostalgic night and a memory that my daughter and I will have forever.

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-Penny (OnTheGoOC)

Thank you so much Penny for attending the event for us and sharing all of the fun you and your daughter had with us. 

So Much Fun Celebrating Hello Kitty's 40th Anniversary #HelloKittyCon

I had an amazing night out celebrating Hello Kitty's 40th birthday at the first Hello Kitty Convention at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA in Little Tokyo, Downtown Los Angeles. I have loved Hello Kitty since I was a little girl. Hello Kitty was special and not as easy to acquire back then, since there were only select stores that carried Sanrio or Hello Kitty. I remember feeling special when my Nina would bring me a pen or a notebook. 
Now, Hello Kitty is everywhere and loved by everyone. My girls love Hello Kitty and luckily for them they can find fun Hello Kitty items at their favorite store, Target. Target has been partners with Hello Kitty for more than 15 years and will be releasing limited edition 40th anniversary clothes, toys and my favorite, stationary. So, keep an eye out! I had such a fun time playing in the arcade sponsored by Target at #HelloKittyCon, I even got my fortune told from Hello Kitty herself. 
Here are some of the books devoted to Hello Kitty. You can find a how to on everything for Hello Kitty, including nail art, baking and crochet. Feel free to check out my DIY Hello Kitty headband tutorial and Hello Kitty Nerd Party
Okay, I could never say that I am a fashionable person or even know much about fashion. Unfortunately, my budget only allows for me to buy and wear what fits me and my budget. But the Hello Kitty fashion that was on display at #HelloKittyCon was stunning and fun and amazing works of art. You can really see the designers love for Hello Kitty in all of the creations on display. 
I tried really hard not to spend too much money on this night, because, it would be way to easy to buy everything. What I did buy and didn't want to leave without was a stationary pack from the year I was born, just a fun little keepsake for me. I was so close to getting a more permanent keepsake in the form of a Hello Kitty tattoo, I stood there staring at the array of options for a few minutes too long and by the time I went to put my name on the list, it was filled up for the evening. I was a little dissapoined about that, but still had such an amazing evening. 

Tickets to the convention sold out so fast, so don't be bummed if you couldn't make it. If you are in the Los Angeles area, you should definitely check out the exhibit 'Hello! Exploring the Supercute World of Hello Kitty' at the Japanese American National Museum (JANM). The exhibit opened October 11th and will be open for viewing through April 26, 2015. Here you will be able to learn different facts about Hello Kitty, see rare pieces from Sanrio's archives and see first hand the influence Hello Kitty has had on this generation. 

Make Family Moments Even More Special with help from Don Roberto Jewelers

Disclosure: I was provided a gift card to shop at Don Roberto Jewelers and share about my experience. As always, all opinions are my own. 

I have to admit something. Ever since I had kids, I stopped wearing jewelry. I even forget to wear my wedding rings most days because I just feel like it's added responsibility and I am terrified of losing them. But now that my girls are growing up and not hanging all over me, I can start to wear jewelry again. So, I was super excited to attend the opening of the new Don Roberto Jewelers in Huntington Park, CA. Keep reading to see the beautiful jewelry I spotted during my visit. 
One of the first things I spotted and fell in love with was the line of jewelry for a birthday princess or a quinceniera. I didn't have a quinceniera, but a bunch of my friends did and I was a little jealous. I would've been a whole lot more jealous if they got one of these beautiful rings and I didn't. Not only do I love the crown rings, I want one for Christmas (hint hint). It would be a super special birthday gift for your daughter's special day. 
Here is a close up of one of the crown rings. So pretty!
Do you have pierced ears? or thinking about getting your daughter's ears pierced? Don Roberto has got it covered, with a professional on staff. They offer a huge selection of earrings for piercing and when you buy the earrings, the piercing is free!
Ooh the Hello Kitty! I love Hello Kitty, I have since I was a little girl. I love that they figured out a way to bring Hello Kitty to adulthood. This charm necklace would work for your daughter or your wife, sister, or Mom. Cute and classy! 
Don Roberto has such a great variety available and makes it customer friendly by offering their Easy Pay credit line. 
Don Roberto Jewelers was founded in 1972 by Robert Trette, catering to each and every customer since they started. They believe in “Helping Others Get What They Want” and that’s the driving force behind all the hard working employees as well as their strong family values. 
Don Roberto is a family friendly store that you can go back and visit throughout the years. From your baby's first earrings to buying their class ring for Senior year, Don Roberto will be there for all of the special occasions in between. They also have a really beautiful selection of religious jewelry too, perfect for a 1st Holy Communion or a dedication. 
There are also such classic pieces like the bracelet pictured above, that would be a perfect gift for any occasion or just because. Also, while your shopping, ask to have your jewelry cleaned, because the associates at Don Roberto's will do that for you. Nice right?
Oh! and if you wondered what I bought while shopping at Don Roberto, take a look at my new Hello Kitty watch! I went in thinking I would buy earrings for my daughters, but then I thought, "Hey, when do I ever buy myself something this nice?" I was sold! and I love my new Hello Kitty watch, thanks Don Roberto!

Check out Don Roberto online, on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date on all sales and promotions!

Nerd Hello Kitty 5th Birthday Party

My little girl is growing up so fast. She just turned 5 years old. It's kind of a big birthday and when I asked her what kind of party she wanted, she said Hello Kitty. I have to admit I wasn't thrilled, all I pictured was lots of red and store bought supplies.
 But then I realized, I could change it up however I wanted. So, I decided to go with the "Nerd Hello Kitty" and I kinda loved the teal, red and white combo. So, that was it. I made most everything myself and on a very very low budget. Keep on reading for the details. 
 This is the invite I created for Lacey's 5th birthday. I added a picture from each year of her life, to show how much she's grown and changed. (Wah! Yes, I teared up as I created it.)
The dessert table came out just how I envisioned! Most supplies were made with what I had at home and with my handy dandy Cricut machine and Hello Kitty cartridge. I cut out all of the letters and the cupcake toppers with that wonderful machine, I kinda love it. 
This frame I made was a last minute project that I was really happy with. I was so happy to find the perfect teal tissue paper and once I started framing Lacey's picture, I knew it needed a big red bow! 
Lacey got to go to Build-a-Bear for the very first time on her actual birthday as a gift from her Grandma Maricela and Aunt Tricia. She chose this Hello Kitty and so I thought it would be fitting that she be one of the guests of honor at the party. 
The dessert table included my first attempt at chocolate covered pretzel sticks, (which were delicious by the way) powdered donuts, red velvet cookies, red velvet puppy chow, and of course the cupcakes. 
I drew Nerd glasses on some of the Hello Kitty's. It's like a little Nerd Hello Kitty army. 
These were the centerpieces I made using money banks I found at the Dollar Store and little wooden Hello Kitty's that I colored from JoAnn's Fabric dollar section. I cut out circles, five's and Lacey's name and hot glued them all together. These work best when you anchor them and when there is no wind to topple them over. We had a bit of a breeze that day, so we had to stand them up a few times. But, other than that, I liked them a lot! 
One of the things I have a love/hate relationship with at kid's parties, are the games. I always want to do a craft table, but my husband always talks me out of it since the kids are still kind of young and would need a lot of assistance (which would suck for the parents). And, I love how much fun the kids have when playing games, but ugh, it is so much work to get them to listen and participate and yell over everyone. I always end up with a headache, but whatever, Lacey requested games, so games were played. We did "Pin the Bow on Hello Kitty" and musical chairs.
The party favors. I searched high and low for "Nerd glasses" on a budget. I was hoping to pay $1 a piece and totally lucked out! I almost walked out of Party City with Neon Sun Glasses that I was going to spray paint and punch out the lenses. Then I found the 50's party section, and there, I found "Buddy Holly" style glasses. Perfect! 
Oh and I really wanted to make headbands with Hello Kitty ears and Red Bows for all the girls. They were super easy and affordable, you can check out that post here.
 When Lacey said she wanted a Hello Kitty party, one of the first things I envisioned was putting a giant Red Bow on the house. Second, I wanted to make giant Nerd Glasses to go over the windows or eyes, but unfortunately, that didn't pan out, but I added them to the house anyway. Cute right?!
I made this frame out of a $1 poster board, scraps of black paper, and a piece of red felt for the bow.
Ta-da! All of the kids looked so cute! 
At each birthday party, we attempt a family photo. The one on the left is my Lacey being silly. The one on the right was the best shot. Lol! 
That's it, my lovely little Lacey is 5 years old, and by the look on her face after the pinata was smashed, I think she had a good time. 
If you have any questions about the items I made for her party, feel free to ask! 

Gift me!

One thing about me, that you may have noticed throughout my blog is that I don't talk about myself or my style very much. The reason behind that is, I HAVE NO STYLE. Honestly, last Christmas I bought three black dresses, 3 pairs of leggings, and one over sized open sweater, and they lasted me all year long. I wear the dresses with leggings on cold days, and lose the leggings and wear the dresses on warm days. Done and done. My shoe collection includes black flip flops from Old Navy, Skechers for walking, and Uggs for really cold days. That is all.
A big part of being a stay at home mom is that I am sacrificing a second income, so to be very technical, I don't have a budget to buy things for myself. When you have two little girls that just started school and are constantly growing, the clothes budget really does go to them. I am fine with that.
So.. the husband said to me, "I have no idea what to get you for Christmas. I mean, I can buy you something, and you can just return it for something you really want." So, although I told him that we are skipping present buying this year, I put together a little idea board of stuff that I do like, and would not return if it were given to me. 

Gift me!

I have been wanting an Origami Owl locket for like a year now, I have actually "created" several different variations on different occasions. One day, I will get one. The clothes and shoes are from Old Navy and the Gap. I really like basics that are easy to throw on and walk out the door.
I used to be a bag hag, before I ended up being a diaper bag hag? So, I really love hobo's and over sized, over the shoulder bags, like the brown one from Mossimo. I have also loved Hello Kitty since I was a very little girl, really as long as I can remember, so it is no surprise that I added a Hello Kitty bag and wallet from Kohls.
How cool would a at home Gel Manicure be? Sephora by O.P.I has gelshine and I would love to have this, so I could do my own gel mani's at home.
One thing I would love to budget for this upcoming year is a bedroom/office section makeover, so I added a dresser because mine is literally falling apart. Haha! Oh, and those vinyl decorative frames from Jonathan Adler are so cool. I am kind of in love with them!

Well, there it is. Just some cool stuff I'm into and would not return if they were given to me. What do you think about my picks?