Finding the Perfect Hairstyle for Holiday Pictures #NoMoreTangles

This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® and Latina Bloggers Connect, however all photos and opinions are mine.

The holiday season is here and it's time for all the fun family dinners, holiday school programs, and my favorite, holiday pictures. Once a year I get out from behind the camera, dress my girls in brand new clothes and take a family photo. If you've ever attempted family photos with two little ones, you know how hectic that can be. As important as clothes and location are for photos, our hairstyles need to be on point too. Check out our perfect hairstyle for holiday pictures with the help of Johnson's No More Tangles products.

This is my wild child. Her personality is wild and so is her hair; thick, long and wild. She doesn't sit still for anything, so you can only imagine how difficult it can be to not only do her hair, but take the perfect family photo. 

That excited face right there shows her love for the No More Tangles leave-in conditioner. With that head full of thick long hair she has grown to adore the leave-in conditioner, it makes brushing so much easier. I love it because it helps nourish the hair and keep it manageable at the same time.

For best results, do yourself a favor and try this 3 step regimen. The #NoMoreTangles products make my life easier, especially since I have to manage so much hair. Keep reading for my perfect hairstyle for the holidays. 


Here is the step by step for our favorite holiday hairstyle: 

The French Braid Double Crown.

  • After following the Johnson's 3-step regimen above, you can then begin by parting the hair from one side and comb. 
  • Next, start the braid from the top of the part and continue by pulling pieces from the face frame to add to the braid, like a French braid. Once the hair from around the face is braided, continue the braid down to the tips of the hair.
  • Then wrap the braid around to the other side of the head and while gathering the hair from the other side of the part, start braiding the first braid into a new braid, and all the way down to the tip. 
  • Lastly, you're going to wrap the braid back around to the other side where you first began and tuck and pin the tail of the braid into the rest of the hair. 
  • That's it! Oh and don't forget to add a beautiful bow. 

Gosh, they grow up so fast. That's one of the reasons I consider holiday photos so important, each year you can look back and see how much everyone has grown and changed. The holidays are such a wonderful time for familia and I hope you enjoy the moments you spend together. 

Tell me: Do you take Holiday Family Photos? 

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Our Favorite Summer Hairstyle with Johnson's #NoMoreTangles

This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® and Latina Bloggers Connect, but all photos and opinions are always my own.

With two wild and crazy girls, Summer has been so busy, but ton's of fun! Our Summer arrived early, it seems that we've been swimming and splashing around in the pool since May. Being a Mom means making sure they are always protected and safe. I protect their skin with SPF and moisturizer and to protect their hair we use Johnson's No More Tangles. 
My secret to their beautiful hair is our love for Johnson's No More Tangles 3 step regimen. We use it every day and luckily we do, because, wet hair is more susceptible to damage than dry hair. So, while we are in and out of the water all Summer long, Johnson's No More Tangles, helps to keep their hair nourished, beautiful and healthy-looking.
What is your daughter's favorite Summer hairstyle? My youngest daughter is in love with the side braid. Thanks to a certain very cold Disney princess, this is our every day hairstyle for my littlest. I wish I was a master french braid do-er, but I'm not, thankfully, my daughter isn't very particular. 
Here are the steps to an easy and super cute braid.
Step 1. Wash hair with Johnson's Baby Shampoo and Conditioner (we use the blue bottle for thick/curly hair).
Step 2. Apply Johnson's No More Tangles leave in-conditioner before combing out.
Step 3. Spray Johnson's No More Tangles Detangling Spray and comb all to one side. 
Step 4. Grab a section from the combed side of the head and separate into 3 sections and start the braid: Right section over middle section, left section over middle section. 
Step 5. Each time you finish one part, grab a new section from the rest of the hair and add it to the braid. 
Step 6. Continue the braid by pulling pieces from the back of the head and try to keep it as tight as possible and that's it! Super easy and princess worthy!   
The detangling spray is the best, it helps keep the hair manageable and easy to work with. 
Do you recognize the braid? It's not just any old side braid, it starts in the back and holds all of her hair out of her face and off of her back. Perfect for the Summer heat!
That's my little happy girl, can't you tell this hairstyle makes her happy? This braid is our go to Summer look. 
See, today we spent the afternoon at the splash pad, and her hair was perfect. This is also the hairstyle that she rocked for her Frozen birthday party, so stay tuned for that fun post coming soon. 

If you need more fun hairstyle ideas you can check out the Johnson's Youtube page and make sure to check out the one starring my little ladies