OSH - Buena Park Grand Opening!

You know that feeling when you find a place that makes you happy? There are very few places that I can become inspired just by wandering around for a few hours. I like to call these places my happy places. OSH - Orchard Supply Hardware is definitely one of my happy places. Last week I went on a tour of the new OSH opening in Buena Park and the inspiration hit me in every area of the store. Now my mind is just spinning with new DIY projects and redecorating ideas. I love that feeling!

Before touring OSH I though it was just a hardware store, you know, tools, plants and nuts and bolts. But I was so excited to discover that OSH is so much more. While walking around OSH I was greeted by so many beautiful colorful items and all I wanted to do was redecorate every single inch of my house, inside and outside. 

I love the smell of soil and flowers that welcomes you into the nursery. OSH has plants and flowers of every kind and will even pot your newly purchased plant for you while you shop. You can buy a beautiful new pot (they have MANY options) and plant and have it ready for you to just take home. Oh, and if you are one of those people that have a hard time keeping your plants alive, they have a return policy. All you need is your receipt or if you are a member of OSH rewards, they will keep track of all your purchases. 

Whenever I tell someone about my love for OSH I always tell them about all the pretty things that I find when I'm there. They definitely offer more decorative and design options than other "hardware" stores and that is something I can appreciate. But more than just a lot of pretty things, there is potential for fun projects everywhere. 

Look at all the fun stuff. If you love Mason Jars, OSH has them in all shapes and sizes and all the accessories to go with it. Oh and the marquee letters are super cool and battery operated, I kinda want them all. 

Okay! So, now that you know all about the fun stuff at OSH, you have to get out to the Grand Opening of the new OSH in Buena Park. This weekend February 20-21, they have awesome deals, coupons and prizes for the first customers in line. 

So stay tuned to the blog because I have a lot of great projects in store to share with all of you!

Tell me: What kind of DIY projects would you like to see on the blog?