Celebrate Ghost Town 75th Anniversary by Coming to Life! #GhostTown75

Have you heard what's going on at Knott's Berry Farm? Ghost Town is coming ALIVE! Not in a scary way, but in a super fun way. I have always enjoyed wandering through Ghost Town, looking at all of the buildings and feeling like you are taking a step back in time. Well, now the doors to the buildings that we've admired for so many years are not only open, but you can go in and experience the fun. 

Now through September 5, Knott's Berry Farm’s Ghost Town is celebrating its 75th anniversary with the new interactive entertainment experience, Ghost Town Alive!, Guests can play a role in the stories and adventures unfolding daily in the old west town of Calico. 

On June 11th, the new and improved GhostRider opened with new coaster trains zooming over 4,500 feet of new track. GhostRider first opened in 1998 and has been giving white-knuckle rides to riders of all ages since then. It looms over Ghost Town as the tallest, fastest and longest wooden roller coaster on the West Coast. GhostRider has been under renovations for the past 9 months and riders are definitely loving the smoother ride. 

Our first stop before entering Ghost Town was to Pan for Gold at it's new/old location. The classic Pan for Gold area that families have loved for many years has moved back to it's original location- right next to the GhostRider entrance. To Pan for Gold you will need to put $10 on a Knott's Game Card that you can use at the various game stops though out the park as well as the arcade.  Once you've worked up a sweat while panning for Gold, you get to take some gold flakes home as a souvenir. 

TIP: Don't forget to bring your flakes back with you on your next visit, you can add more each time you come back. 

This (handsome) young man who goes by the name Looking Glass Thurmond, was my first encounter with the characters that come alive in Ghost Town. As soon as we entered into Ghost Town territory he stopped us and asked if he could take a photo of us for the Calico Gazette. After chatting for a few minutes, he asked if we would mind dropping a letter to Miss Sierra Mist, the school teacher over at the old school house. We said yes of course. This is where the fun interactive part began for us. 

We continued to stroll through Ghost Town and everyone welcomed us in to their shops and houses. As I passed the Barber Shop, the Barber invited us in to look around and told us he would gladly add a mustache of our choosing. We passed on that, but the kids would love it! You can pick from several types of mustache styles, check out my snapchat video below to see what you can look forward to. 

Doesn't everyone love this game? Get some bullseye practice in when you can, I always say. Haha!

The Calico Saloon is such a classic part of Ghost Town. I especially love that on a hot day at Knott's the Calico Saloon offers a brief relief from the heat. Oh and don't forget to grab some Boysenberry Beer on tap.

If you recall, I mentioned earlier that we were asked to delver a letter to the School Teacher Miss Sierra Mist, so our next stop was the school house. There is so much history in that tiny red schoolhouse and the teacher, Miss Sierra Mist was very excited to receive her letter and read it out loud to everyone. She also read one of her favorite poems for everyone. It's so cool to feel like a part of the town and everyone is so nice too! 

As you wander, you get sucked in more and more. At one point I was handed a note and asked to deliver it to the inmate. But before I could deliver the note, it was intercepted by the Sheriff. He told me to watch out for the bad guys around town and to not get mixed up with them. Well, sounds like good advice to me. 

At the Sherrif's Office, guests can join in on an ongoing card game, help the Sheriff by drawing wanted posters for criminals on file, and participate in catching outlaws as a part of the Sheriff’s posse.

There are so many more things for you to see and do while touring Ghost Town Alive! so make sure you take some time to really immerse yourself into the spirit of Ghost Town. The games and stories are fun but keep an eye on the show schedule too and try to stop and enjoy them. My favorite is the Ice Show- Blockbuster Beagle (also another way to get out of heat for a bit).

Check out my Snap Story from my visit at Knott's that day and stay tuned for another post coming soon talking all about the beautiful new renovations at Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant.  Same delicious food, but with an updated modern country style. 

Will you be visiting Knott's soon? Now's the time, don't miss all the fun!