Things to do and see in SoCal {Medieval Times}

Almost a week has passed and I am still recovering from my very eventful birthday weekend! As I mentioned in my previous post, I ended my birthday celebrations at Medieval Times. It was a kind of a big deal for me, since it was my daughters' first time. I told them all week long that we were going to visit a castle, and we were going to see knights and a real princess. So, of course, there I was spending my birthday eve cutting up my prom dress to make Lacey a princess dress. (She wore her princess dress for 3 days in a row-- Big Mom Points for me!) 
Photo courtesy of Medieval Times
Their gift to me, was watching as their faces lit up when they first saw the knights, horses and of course, the princess. Everything about the night was just so much fun. It was all about fresh new experiences for my girls. They got to eat with their hands, waive a flag and cheer, and eat a meal while watching a live show. I am all about soaking in these moments.
Photo courtesy of Medieval Times

The last time I was at Medieval Times was 10 years ago and I have to say there have been a lot of changes. Medieval Times just celebrated the one year anniversary of their new show and it is awesome. For me, the horses and their choreography are by far the highlight of the show, they are so graceful, and beautiful. The entire show has such cool new battle scenes, lighting and really powerful music. The score made the show much more intense. 
If you are wondering if your little ones are too young to sit through the show, my 4 and 3 year olds were completely entertained the whole time. I never once heard any whining or complaining, the show was perfect for them. They were a little bit too distracted to eat their meal, but that happens almost every other night.
Below you can see my little princesses all dressed up. The blue one is handmade from my old prom dress, and the other is Merida's dress from Disney's Brave. My little ones loved cheering for the Red Knight, although they had no idea what was really going on, they loved every minute of it.
Photo courtesy of Medieval Times
Did you know that you can get a free pass to Medieval Times on your birthday? Oh yeah! You know I love me some birthday freebies, you can check that out here! And, if you want to celebrate with a group (10 or more), for just an extra $7 (+tax) you can get a bunch of extras to help make your birthday even more special. You get a birthday announcement and a group photo, a slice of cake, a strawberry slushy in a souvenir castle cup and a cheering banner for each guest! Call the group sales office to set that up:
 (714) 521-2342 
Photo courtesy of Medieval Times
I can't wait to go back, I think we may have to make this an annual birthday celebration.
 Have you ever been to Medieval Times?

Disclosure: I received complimentary tickets with the Royal Treatment upgrade in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own. All images are copyrighted and used with permission.

How I spent my FIRST 29th Birthday.

Yesterday I celebrated my very first 29th Birthday! I can foresee at least a few more 29th birthdays in my future. This year my husband totally spoiled me, and not only bought me a present, but surprised me with it too! I have to admit, it is incredibly difficult for my husband to surprise me because I am one nosy b*tch! It's true, I have to know everything. Well, to my surprise, on the morning of my birthday I opened up a giant box, with a smaller box inside, with a brand new computer inside!! Yay!!  This gift was truly a necessity, you know with all the blogging that I do!
The pictures to the left pretty much sum up my day. The one on the top right is me with my momma, who I have to give mad props to, because without her, I would pretty much be non-existent. 

So every birthday of my life has begun with a cupcake. It has been a tradition since my dad was young, that we are woken up with a cupcake, a candle, and the family singing "Happy Birthday." This year my oldest tried to steal my wish by blowing out my candle, but it's okay.  That's just what happens when you have little kiddos.

I like to plan my birthday ahead of time by signing up for birthday freebies. For some companies, when you join their mailing list, you will get a "Happy Birthday" coupon in your email. This year I had a free Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity from IHOP for breakfast, took the kids to the self car wash, then headed to Downtown L.A. for my free Starbucks drink and free Lemon Meringue cupcake from Sprinkles!  After relaxing at home for a bit, we went to dinner and a show at Medieval Times (More on our fun time at Medieval Times on the next post). I also have emails from Jamba Juice, Baskin Robbins, Red Robin, and Cold Stone creamery. Fun stuff! I totally recommend signing up for your birthday freebies.
Do you have any birthday traditions?