My Birthday Week- In Pictures

This past week was my birthday week, and since I pretty much document most everything anyway, I thought I'd add some descriptions. Two things, first, the only camera I own is on my phone which has no flash, so... that explains the quality of the pictures and second, I am obsessed with Instagram now, so there are some of those thrown in. 
This year, I found this website that lists all the places around that give you free stuff on your birthday. It was kinda fun getting free stuff, it just made it a little bit more special! 


Here is my beautiful daughter Lacey posing in her "new" dress.
I am finally getting around to this pile of clothes that she has outgrown. Over the past months if there is a dress that is too small, or a shirt with a hole, I put it aside because my intention is to "fix" it. This was a shirt that shrunk after the first wash and became a little too short and a dress that was a halter and just a little tight around her back. I cut the dress at the flare and sewed it about 2 inches from the bottom of the shirt. A perfect summer dress. 


Crayon Art- I've seen this around Pinterest for about a year now, and I was dying to try it! With the heatwave this week, the girls and I have been doing art in the patio, while I try to keep them cool and busy. This project, was all mine! I did the melting while they napped, so when they woke up, they were really happy to see the finished product. Here is a link to a DIY Crayon Art Tutorial.
The finished product. My youngest daughter points to it and says, "I like your heart"  which then makes me melt. :)

 Wednesday (My 28th Birthday)

It is tradition in my family, since I was a kid, and now with my kids, to wake up to a candle in a cupcake while everyone sings Happy Birthday. On top of that amazing way to wake up once a year, that morning we received our first delivery of organic fruits and veggies! The company is called Farm Fresh To You, they deliver locally grown organic fruits and veggies to your doorstep for a very affordable price. All of the veggies and fruits are clean and ripe and sweet, and its really cool, I totally recommend the service. 
My girls and I on our way out for my birthday. One day, there will be a picture of the three of us, all looking at the camera, with smiles... One day. 
We visited Sprinkles in Los Angeles for my free birthday cupcake! This place is pretty well known, for their tasty cupcakes and their cupcake ATM! Yes, at any hour of the night you can walk right up to a machine and get a cupcake, pretty cool! (BTW... If you sign up for their mailing list, you get a free cupcake on your birthday! ) 
 My little Lexie.
Anytime we are out, you can bet that she will be wearing her sunglasses and will probably be asleep. This is a picture of both.
For lunch we had P.F. Changs, it was so delicious and what made it even better is that my girls actually ate the food, if you have young kids you know what I'm talking about. Lacey enjoyed the Lo Mein and Crab Wontons, and Lexie enjoyed the rice and egg drop soup. If the girls enjoy their food, that means that Mark and I get to enjoy our food as well, and we did! (Sign up online and you get a free appetizer and dessert on your birthday!) 
Mark and I on our way out to dinner for my birthday. We like to go to Black Angus on our birthdays where if you sign up, you get a free steak dinner and dessert! I had lobster! How can you pass up free? Not me! 
This is my handsome husband Mark. When I asked him what we were doing for my birthday, he said, "I don't know, I was thinking maybe we'd go get some breakfast, have some lunch, then go out to dinner." So basically, the planning didn't go beyond eating three meals... That's my husband. :)


We visited my dad, their Pa's new shop. He is a printer, so the sound of the press was a little loud for her. I grew up going to my dad's printing shop, spending hours there... Honestly, it wasn't very fun, it was kinda boring. The only plus side was having all the paper you want, which meant endless hours of drawing. The girls loved it though, it was new to them, and Mark was giving them rides on the dolly. 


We are in the middle of a heatwave, which means daddy swimming in the kiddie pool. Here, Mark is trying to teach Lacey how to plug her nose to go under the water. 


Friday night we went out to dinner for my birthday, with my parents. We go to this restaurant called Momotaro in Burbank, CA. They have the best Japanese food for such a good price. If ever you go there, I recommend getting the boat. 


Kids in the pool, mommy getting a tan :) 
We live in Los Angeles and for us, it is a crime to not go to the beach as often as possible. This also means night visits! Mark and I have been going to the beach in Malibu together for 10 years now, our 3rd date was to the beach. We love it here, and now my girls do too. 


The perfect way to round out a pretty busy birthday week is snuggling on the couch, in the air conditioning, with calm kids, watching Phineas and Ferb. Ahhh..