Weigh in Wednesdays- The Plan

Okay.. Here is the plan! Mind you, it will be changing and evolving as life always changes things up for me, but this is where I am starting.

  1. I will drink 10 water filled tumblers every day. 
  2. I will have a protein shake for breakfast and lunch every day. I will have smaller portions for dinner. I will have 2-3 under 100 calories snacks a day. 
  3. I will walk 2-3 miles every day. (I am hoping to increase this goal as the physical part gets easier for me)
  4. I don't like cutting fruit when I diet. So, fruit will be my treat!
My long term goals are: Looking good in jeans again, being able to run without freaking out that my heart is beating so fast, and reward myself with cute new clothes. I would like to make this a lifestyle, I see fitness bloggers out there that just look like they enjoy eating healthy and working out. I want to enjoy it! Maybe i'll join a Zumba class? I will be posting pictures along the way, so stay tuned for those priceless snapshots. Haha!

This is all I have so far. I am open to any and all suggestions or opinions. I have never been successful at this, but I hope with you as a motivator I can get healthier, feel better, and actually look in the mirror again.