Lacey's 2nd Owl birthday party

So, like everyone else, we are in LOVE with Owls!!!However, if you look at my daughter Lacey, you'll see why. She has the sweetest biggest brown eyes and round face. Our obsession with owls started when Lacey was a year and a half and she came to me saying, "ow!" All day I would ask her what was wrong, until I realized she was saying, "Owl!"
She was an owl for Halloween, and naturally her 2nd birthday theme was Owls.
I started with designing the invite, with clipart purchased by mygraffico.
I used the same clipart to have a huge welcoming owl for the party, a bean bag toss game, the cupcake toppers, the thank you note on the goody bags, and the "Look who's 2?" Birthday banner. 

The centerpieces
 I used branches, stuck them in quick dry plaster, and painted them brown. I then hung small felt owls that I made on the branches, for people to take as favors.

Birthday Girl.
Lacey at 2 years old

The Decor 
My idea was to actually have the  green streamers closer together so they would resemble leaves on a tree.. however, my "helpers" weren't listening to my instructions and it was just to late to fix... oh well! 

These masks were a last minute find at JoAnn's. I bought 10, painted them, and used them as part of the decor.
Felt Owls
I made about two dozen of these felt owls to hang on the branch centerpieces. I also painted a number 2 on the backs of them for Lacey's 2nd birthday.

The Treat/Photo table
I didn't plan on doing a candy bar for this party, but I did want some goodies for everyone to snack on. So we put some candies out and those are supposed to be Owl shaped rice krispy treats. This is also wear I displayed the photos of Lacey from her second year.

The Treat Bags
The Birthday Banner

The Pinata

Cupcake Toppers

Singing Happy Birthday!