Now at Universal Studios: Fast & Furious--Supercharged!

I have loved the Fast & Furious movies since I was in high school. I remember watching the first movie in the theater and just falling in love. Yes, Vin Diesel and Paul Walker were hot but I really loved the action and fast cars. Over the years I would get so excited every time a new movie was coming out and when I heard there was going to be a Fast & Furious ride at Universal Studios I could not wait to check it out! Fast & Furious -- Supercharged is the grand finale to the world famous Studio Tour. 

The 3D-HD ride is so fun! The whole story builds up during the Studio Tour and my kids were so concerned when our tour guide would mention a criminal on the loose. It's kinda like you are part of the cast riding along on a high-speed chase that literally feels like you are going faster than 100 miles per hour. It's so much fun, above is a video I took of the intro, I didn't want to spoil all the fun for you so I stop before all of the action. 

This is a video of the making of Fast & Furious-- Supercharged. I like learning about all of the behind the scenes info and this is pretty cool. Oh! and now through August 16th Fast & Furious--Supercharged is open 1 hour before the rest of the park opens.

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