Watch FX's Funny New Show-- Better Things plus Giveaway

You know what I love? I love when a TV show is original and edgy, fresh and funny. That's what you will find in FX's new series Better Things. First of all, I am a big fan of FX's original shows, they are shows that you watch when the kids are in bed, because there will definitely be some adult content. I'm a Mom who can recite the soundtracks to one too many Disney Channel sitcoms, so watching FX shows make me feel like a grown up. Ah, I really love my Adult time.
Everyone knows that some days as a mom are better than others. FX’s new series Better Things sheds light on those days when you’re sleep-deprived and overwhelmed – and feeling maybe… perhaps… a little less than your best.

I am not a parent of a teenager. In fact, some of my worst nightmares involve parenting the teenage versions of my daughters. My little girls already have too much sass and attitude for my taste. 

This scene from above is very similar to what goes on every night around bedtime. This is the time when things start to calm down and the kids are at their sweetest and all they want to do is cuddle. And as much as I want to cuddle, I say no because if I do, I'll fall asleep and although it's their bedtime, I still have work to do. That is real life and I love that this show, is real. It makes real life seem bearable because everyone else is going through it too. 

Make sure you catch FX's Better Things on Thursday's at 10 p.m. 

Now are you ready to win some goodies? Being a Mom can be crazy some times, check out the trailer for Better Things and then leave me a comment below telling me what is your favorite part of being a Mom.

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Enter to win by telling me in the comments below:

 What is your favorite part of being a Mom? 

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