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For those of you who have yet to discover Pinterest, I don't remember what it's like to live in your world anymore.  Since my husband discovered Pinterest and signed me up for an invitation, I have become addicted. Pinterest is a site that allows you to compile all of your interests onto specific boards, to help maintain organized thoughts. For example, when I am planning a party and searching through countless images, I "Pin" my favorites to a board, which then allows me to visit the site at a later time. I love Pinterest, and if you haven't signed up yet, a word of advice, is don't start searching through Pinterest late at night, because you will be up very very late! It is addicting! 

Here are some projects that I have completed after finding them on Pinterest, with the link to the specific Pin. There are so many more that I forgot to take pictures of, but here are a few, and I'm sure there are more to come! 

Candy Cane Pizza Pin
I made this Candy Cane Pizza last year for Christmas dinner for the kids. It was fun to make, and now I wish I had a picture of the cooked pizza. Oh well, there is always next year! :)

Bandana Dress Pin
I made this bandana dress for Lexie's Cowgirl photo shoot. The pin says, "10 minute bandana dress" and it really was! I was lucky because, Lexie is so tiny, I used one bandana cut in half. The link is to an easy tutorial. 

Mario Hat Pin
A friend of mine asked if I could make some Mario and Luigi hats for her son's Mario Party. I found this tutorial online for the hats, and since I made almost 30, I have to admit Pinning this site came in handy!

Ruffled Tote Pin
This was a really fun purse to make. I am a slightly above amateur sewer, and this purse was within my abilities. However, I will admit, I did not add the lining. But it was only because this was a last minute project and I used whatever fabric I had on hand.. I did not have any coordinating fabric for the lining. 

Candy Cake Pin

This cake was sooooo good! I made this cake for my brother-in-law Bill's birthday, needless to say he has a sweet tooth. Seriously though, this cake was one of my first "Pins" and I jumped at the chance to make it for someone who would appreciate the extra calories. 

Diaper Cake Pin
I made this diaper cake for my sister-in-law Tricia's baby shower. Her shower theme was Jungle Animals, which is why I chose Zebra ribbon. Although the diapers were used soon after my nephew was born, I still see that Elephant "cake topper" when I visit his room.  
Happy Housewarming Cake Pin
I made this for my best friend's housewarming party. It was made with towels, utensils and sponges. This is a sort of a rough draft of the final product, which I don't have a picture of. 

What a difference a day makes
I found this print on Pinterest, and not only "Pinned" it onto my Graphic Design Inspiration board, but I went straight to work making one for my family. I love it, and am planning on making more! Note: To my family and friends, act surprised when you receive your own version as a Christmas gift. Thank you!


After (Photoshop Tutorial Pin)
Here is an example of another type of "Pin" that you can find on Pinterest. This is a "Pin" to a photoshop tutorial on how to add light to your pictures. Such a cool tutorial! 

I even found this on Pinterest! There are Pins about how cool Pinterest is, on Pinterest! 
I love it! 

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