Game Day Appetizer- Perfect Pinwheels

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I'm back with another fantastic appetizer idea! In my opinion, you can never have too many appetizer ideas right? I mean, especially with all of the Big Games coming up, because food and watching football go hand in hand.  So it's time to make your shopping list and head to the store. Today I am sharing a super delicious and easy pinwheel recipe that is perfect when sitting on top of a RITZ® cracker. 

Okay, first things first. I headed straight to Albertsons and was able to mark two items off of my list as soon as I walked in, RITZ® crackers and Coca-Cola were right up front, it must have been a sign. I love Albertsons for their deli and produce options so I was so happy to pick up freshly sliced Salami and provolone and then grab spinach, chives and avocados from the produce section.  After that all I needed was cream cheese. Done! 

I made it super easy for you to try this recipe, you can just watch the 6 steps with description on the slideshow above, or you can see the steps here. 

Step 1: Lay out and layer salami. 

Step 2: Spread cream cheese over the salami.

Step 3: Layer Spinach on top of the cream cheese. (I added pepper and chopped chives to the cream cheese spread.)

Step 4: Add layered provolone cheese.

Step 5: Slowly roll from one side to the other.

Step 6: Slice and place on top of RITZ® crackers. 

That's it! 


There are a lot of options when it comes to RITZ® crackers, but you can't go wrong with original.

See, another perfect appetizer for watching the big game. I am proud to say everyone loved these, kids included. With my kids, they usually just go straight for the RITZ® crackers and discard whatever I put on top. But, they enjoyed these pinwheels and I think what I liked most was that they were super hearty. There was just one thing missing to make the football watching complete...

Coca-Cola! Ah, you can't go wrong with the nice crisp flavor that you get from a cold bottle of Coca-Cola. 

To me, it really doesn't matter which team your rooting for, because everyone will always agree on one thing; watching football (or any game really) is always better with good food and drinks. 

If you noticed, I used the avocados that I picked up from Albertsons to make some guacamole. A dab of guacamole was delicious on top of the pinwheels, but it also goes really well as a dip for original RITZ® crackers.

For more fun game day recipes or party planning tips check out the Coca-Cola Mondelez partnered Home Bowl website and head over here for more RITZ Crackers recipe inspiration.

Easy Crab Cakes with Farmland® Bacon

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I wish I could proudly admit that I am one of those amazing moms who spends their Sunday evenings meal planning for the week or for the big game. No really, I really wish that I was that mom. But I'm not, on Sunday evenings I am usually yelling at my girls to get into bed so I can try and have a minute to myself. 

So when I do my weekly grocery shopping, I sometimes buy ingredients and hope that inspiration will hit me before the big game starts. This week, I bought crab from the carniceria and really wanted to make crab cakes, the perfect game day appetizer. As I started to prepare, I wondered how could I make them even more interesting? And then BOOM just like that, bacon! I always have Farmland® Bacon on hand. 

I buy Farmland® Bacon all the time, it has such great flavor, it's easy to cook with, and is always a great value. Farmland® bacon is slow smoked over real hardwoods for maximum flavor. For decades, Farmland® has taken pride in perfecting their curing and smoking technique – a difference you’ll taste in every delicious bite.

To make these amazingly

Easy Bacon Crab Cakes

you will need:

1 pack of


Bacon (chopped)

1 lb of Crab meat (separated)

1 cup Flour 

1 Egg

1 cup Garlic Herb Bread Crumbs

1/4 cup Mayonnaise 

1 tbsp Mustard

1 tbsp Tapatio


Step 1. Chop bacon and shred crab meat. 

Step 2. Mix together Mayonnaise, Mustard and Tapatio.

Step 3. Mix bread crumbs, mayonnaise mixture, and the egg,  with the crab meat. 

Step 4. Form the crab meat mixture into patties in the palm of your hand. 

Step 5. Roll the crab cake patty into the flour.

Step 6. Heat oil in a skillet and place the crab cakes to fry for about 4 minutes on each side or until nice and crispy.

I always thought crab cakes were difficult to make, I don't know why I've never made them before. But I must admit, out of all the crab cakes I've tried before, none have tasted quite like this. You know that saying, "Bacon makes everything better!" well 


 Bacon definitely made these crab cakes better. If you are looking for the perfect game day appetizer, you need to try this recipe, you will be amazed at how easy it is and how delicious it tastes.


This is a compensated collaboration with Farmland® and Latina Bloggers Connect. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

Big Game Recipe: Spicy Chicken and Bacon Cheese Dip #FarmlandRecipe

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Let's be honest, the best part of watching the "big game" is the food. It is a guilt free day of eating any and every delicious thing you can fit in front of the t.v. For me, I usually want something easy and with a little bacon. While shopping for ingredients at Walmart, I found

Farmland® bacon

to use in my recipe. My delicious recipe that I am sharing with you today is for a Spicy Chicken and Bacon Cheese Dip. This is my favorite kind of recipe, delicious ingredients all cooked and thrown together to make something even more delicious. 

Before I get started on all the amazing-ness of my dip, I want to mention how easy it is to make homemade tortilla chips. Of course, you can always buy a bag of tortilla chips, but there is nothing like making your very own fresh tortilla chips. Chop up your tortillas and fry them in a little bit of oil until brown, easy and delicious. 


1 package of Farmland® bacon

2 chicken breasts (boiled and shredded)

1 can diced green chiles (strained)

1 can diced tomatoes (strained)

2 cups of mixed cheese


Step 1: Dice the Farmland® bacon and begin frying in the pan. Once the bacon begins to cook, move it over to one side of the pan and add the chicken, diced tomatoes and diced green chiles all to the same pan and let cook until heated through. 

Step 2: Once the Farmland® bacon, chicken, tomatoes and chiles are all heated through, add the cheese and stir until it melts. 

Step 3: Spoon the chunky, cheesy delicious dip into a bowl and enjoy! 

Word of advice, keep an eye out for little thieves in the kitchen because all of the ingredients taste delicious both before and after they're cooked. 

Check that out! Those homemade tortilla chips are perfect for scooping up a bite of spicy, chicken and bacon cheese dip. So as you plan out your recipes for the upcoming big game, pick up some Farmland® bacon and make sure you have all of the other ingredients on hand and ready to make a crowd pleasing appetizer. 

There are many options when it comes to bacon, but I am glad I discovered

Farmland® bacon

. It is slow smoked over real hardwoods for maximum flavor and has taken pride in perfecting their curing and smoking technique – a difference you’ll taste in every delicious bite. 

My Favorite Game Day Appetizer! (Giveaway: $110 Vons Gift Card)

I am not going to sit here and say that I am a fan of football, I'm not. I mean, I kinda understand the game and the rules, but my favorite part of football season, is the end, the BIG GAME, well the food at the big game. One of my go-to appetizers is Cream Cheese Won Tons, just a few ingredients and 20 minutes and you have a delicious snack ready for kick off.  

For 110 years, families have trusted the simple goodness of Lucerne as a wholesome, healthy and nutritious dairy brand they can exclusively find at their local Vons stores. While Lucerne packaging has been given a makeover, shoppers can remain confident that they will continue to get the same high quality dairy products at a great value that they have come to know and love. 


  • I used the Lucerne Cream Cheese I found at Vons and mixed it with some diced chives. (I have also mixed cream cheese with imitation crab, diced bacon and fresh strawberries.) 
  • Scoop a teaspoon of the cream cheese mixture into the center of the won ton. 
  • Wet the sides of the Won Ton wrapper using your finger and a little bit of water. 
  • Fold the wrapper in half and press together to close. You should have a delicious stuffed triangle. 
  • Lastly, add some oil to a frying pan (enough to cover the bottom of the pan) and place a few won tons in the oil to fry at a time and turn when they brown. 

There you have it! An easy but delicious appetizer, perfect for game day or any other day. So now, let me help you out with your Game Day Party. How would you like to win a $110 gift card to Vons? Here's your chance:


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Good luck! Giveaway ends January 25, 2015.

Easy Big Game Recipes for the Kids! #GolazoKraft #shop

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Most days of the week I cook dinner for a very hungry family of six, four adults and two kids. Almost every single dinner that I cook has a protein, starch, and vegetable, with a glass of milk. I am proud to say that I was raised this way and continue this tradition with my family. But times have changed, sometimes we do a family cookout or summer grilling. Occasionally I stray from the traditional menu and even have days where we have breakfast for dinner (this was never allowed when I was growing up.) I am a busy stay at home mom and sometimes I need a break. Sometimes, I need dinner to be easy. On these days, I always reach for my Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. The kids love it, they see it as a treat, and I see it as easy. Sometimes I'll sneak in some chopped up hot dog or steamed broccoli and the plates are always licked clean. 
Another tradition that I am proud to say we participate in, is sitting at the table as a family every night for dinner. However, there are some days that call for ease. The days when our eyes are glued to the TV for the Championship Soccer Games, we need something easy and mess free. Something we can eat while completely distracted! So, here it is, a quick, easy and delicious recipe for Kraft's Macaroni & Cheese burrito. #GolazoKraft
Oh yes. This one is so easy to make and really, you can add almost anything to Macaroni & Cheese and have success. I chose to add seasoned ground turkey and then wrapped it up in a burrito. And, what better to pair an easy dinner with than the new clear bottom Capri Sun. 
The other day we were lucky enough to catch the Summer Soccer Grilling Event at Walmart while shopping for our ingredients. My girls had fun playing the games and trying samples before shopping. Walmart always has such great deals. This day I picked up the value packs of  both Kraft's Macaroni & Cheese and Capri Sun. More bang for our buck! 

Here is a picture of the ingredients I used. I know you probably have most of this stuff on hand, that makes it so much easier. Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, Ground Turkey, Taco Seasoning, and Tortillas. 
Go ahead and Pin this photo for safe keeping! 
Check out this super easy breakdown:
Brown the ground turkey and add the taco seasoning.
Follow the easy steps on the box for Macaroni & Cheese.
Warm a tortilla, then layer the Macaroni & Cheese and Ground Turkey. Wrap and enjoy!
Ooh yeah! I have two very normal girls that are not very adventurous when it comes to trying new foods. This one, they loved! 

Check out this Flipagram I posted on my Instagram that shows how easy this recipe is to make. 

How do you spice up Macaroni & Cheese? Let's share recipes!