Everything is Awesome with Bricks4Kidz!

This year my Valentine's Day was spent a little differently than years past. It wasn't about a romantic date for me and my husband. This year, we spent the morning together as a family on a super fun play date at The Awesome Playground in Eagle Rock, CA at a Bricks 4 Kidz blogger event. 
LEGO® have become a big part of our everyday lives in the past few months. All my girls want to do when they get home is build with their LEGO® bricks and I must admit, I love their new hobby. Building with LEGO® inspires so much of their imagination and I love that they can build and then play for hours in the world that they have created. 

Bricks 4 Kidz offers hands-on classes where students can design and build machines, catapults, pyramids, derby cars, buildings and other constructions out of LEGO® bricks. While exploring engineering, architecture and physics, it also helps children develop problem solving and critical thinking skills.
Kids already know how to build with LEGO® bricks, but with a little coaching they can learn engineering, architecture and concepts of physics and mathematics. Above, you can see my daughters had an assistant who handed them a tablet with their instructions, and guided them while building a car... with a motor! That was definitely my favorite part, I was so impressed. 
If your kids are LEGO® lovers like mine and you are thinking about how to make their birthday party extra special this year, then definitely look into Bricks 4 Kidz. They throw such a fun party and caters to your party's theme. At this event, on Valentine's Day my girls made LEGO® heart necklaces and key chains with beads. 
The Awesome Playground was the perfect place for this family event, with a huge jumper in the back, a race track with push cars, slides and climbers, and a fun house for dress up and make believe, the Awesome Playground is.. Awesome! 

So, before I finish up talking about all of the awesomeness of this weekend, I wanted to tell you about the delicious food. I have heard of Mix n' Munch before and was so thrilled to finally get a taste of them. Mix n' Munch, located in Pasadena, CA takes the classic comfort food experience to another level. Featuring two all-time American favorites, cereal and grilled cheese sandwiches. I went straight to playing with the girls and sadly didn't get any good pictures of the food but I had a grilled cheese with pesto and mozzarella and my daughters had yogurt parfaits and a fun mix of cereals. If you are in the Pasadena area, head out there ASAP, I will be there soon. 

Now that I told you about these three fun SoCal family friendly places, what are you waiting for? Check out The Awesome Playground, book Bricks4Kidz for your next birthday, and head down to Mix n' Munch for a delicious breakfast. You'll thank me for it later.