A Netflix Show for Your Daughters #SpiritRidingFree

A Netflix Show for Your Daughters #SpiritRidingFree

This Summer we were invited by DreamWorks and #AlliedContigo for a fun afternoon at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center. We were there to celebrate the new show DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free by not only hanging out with some horses, but riding horses and even painting horses. It was definitely a very memorable afternoon.  #SpiritRidingFree

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DreamWorks' TROLLS Brightens up Theaters November 4th!

First of all, big shout out to 20th Century Fox & DreamWorks Animation for inviting me to this press event for the super cool and colorful film, DreamWorks' TROLLS. I was lucky enough to not only see several clips from the upcoming animated film, but also sit in the same room, roughly 10 feet away from Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake.  *fans self*

DreamWorks' TROLLS hits theaters later this year and both kids and adults are going to love this colorful, music-filled comedy. Director Mike Mitchell, who also directed DreamWorks' SHREK, explained that this film, much like SHREK has the kind of magic where both parents and kids find themselves laughing at the same parts of the movie and sharing a love for both new and classic songs.

The super talented (and incredibly handsome) Justin Timberlake not only voices one of the main characters but also takes on the role as Executive Music Producer. When asked about his new role, JT said,

"My job for that was hopefully to put our own spin on it, make it sound unique, make it sound like it belonged in the scene, much like a musical theater..." "So then I wrote four original songs, one of them that you may or may not have heard, which is in the movie as well, and specifically written for the movie. I've never done anything like that as well."

The song he is talking about is of course the huge Summer hit, Can't Stop the Feeling.

The multi-talented Anna Kendrick voices Poppy, the fun, hug-loving TROLL and brings her singing talents to the new original songs written for the film as well as some of the classic songs that you already know and love. Check out the rest of the voice talents above and get ready to fall in love with each one of these hilarious, overly-optimistic, happy little TROLLS.  

Check out the brand new Official Trailer for DreamWorks' TROLLS

DreamWorks' TROLLS will be brightening up the world and theaters everywhere on November 4th.  Follow along with #DreamWorksTrolls on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram