Thanks Helpful Honda for the Fun Night Out with My Mom!

We've all seen the commercials with the Helpful Honda guys, you know the guys in the blue shirts. My favorite is the one where the lady in blue shows up at a yard sale and buys everything for $2000 and then donate to the Goodwill. How nice would that be? Well, let me tell you. The other day I received my very own Random Act of Helpfulness in the form of  Dodger tickets. 
Now the choice was all mine, do I take one daughter? My husband? I decided on a night out with my Mom. 
We had a great time at the game! It was nice not having to worry about kids or husbands and to just sit back and enjoy the game. The Dodgers are our hometown team, I was born to be a Dodger fan, my family would not have it any other way, especially since we live only 15 minutes away from the stadium.
 Just look at the view from our seats. I love everything about being at the Dodger game. There is such an amazing sense of community that you feel, being surrounded by people from all over, but rooting for the same team.
 Look at those Helpful Honda guys being helpful during the game. If you are following them on Facebook then you may have seen them being super helpful on #HelpfulFridays by upgrading Honda drivers seats, giving Free Parking, or surprising one lucky Honda driver with the chance to deliver the first pitch. 

So cool right? So, go follow them on Facebook and Twitter and keep an eye out for any Random Acts of Helpfulness going on in your area! 

It's Time for Dodger Baseball! 1st tickets of the Season thanks to ScoreBig

Disclosure: I received a credit from ScoreBig to put towards any ticket of my choice. All opinions are my own. 

Growing up in Los Angeles, it is safe to say, I bleed blue. I am a Dodger fan from birth, and am now raising my daughters to be Dodger fans as well. A large part of why I am such a Dodger fan is because of the sense of community that I feel from other Dodger fans. A few weeks ago, on opening day we saw men and women of every age wearing their Dodger shirts, jerseys, and hats. I love when every comes together like that. 

We live within viewing distance of the Friday night Fireworks at the Dodger Stadium, and it is only about a 10 minute drive for us, so I am dying to get to my first game of this season. I was very excited to buy our tickets, but you know I've always got to find the best deal possible. This time I used ScoreBig to save on and buy my tickets.
Photo Courtesy of a fellow Dodger fan and blogger Chris of What I Run Into
ScoreBig gives you the opportunity to make an offer on full price tickets to sports, concerts, theater, Broadway, family shows and attractions. Basically, by choosing a seating area rather than an exact seat, you're giving the ticket providers the flexibility they need to give you great deals. Once you make an offer, they give you an instant answer on whether or not your offer was accepted and that's it! No fees and free delivery, it's that easy. 
It worked out really well for me, I bought six tickets, in a great area, for 40% less than asking price. Great deal! And, of course, I have two little girls that I am taking to a baseball game, so what game would be better than against the Chicago White Sox on June 3rd for Hello Kitty bobble head night? The photo above is of last years bobble head, cute right? June can not come soon enough! 
So with Summer fast approaching, check out ScoreBig for the best ticket price options for tons of different events around town. You can also follow ScoreBig on Twitter and Facebook for updates on deals.

Tell me: What events are you planning on going to this Summer? Any games? Concerts? Attractions?